5 Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!

Did you know that people tend to remember the negative comments they receive more than the positive ones? It’s true. In a big city like LA, or in any city for that matter, it can be easy to get down on yourself or caught up comparing your life to the seemingly perfect lives of others. Just remember that no one has all their sh*t together. Martha Stewart, the woman who created an empire around maintaining a “together” life, doesn’t even have all her sh*t together! The lady spent five months in prison. So just remember that.

Furthermore, I think it’s nice, at the end of the week, to reflect on all of the good things I saw, ate, read, heard, and did. And I love that Heather of Housewife Glamour created an entire linkup about it!


  • Girlfriends

120514 girls

Now that I’m married, my husband, Andrew, makes up the majority of my social scene. Luckily, I love him to the moon and back and wouldn’t have it any other way! But there’s something important and indescribable about girl friends. Today, I am beyond excited because one of my best girlfriends (you know who you are) has officially booked her flight to spend New Years in LA! I’m looking forward to spending a holiday that no one really ever knows how to celebrate with one of my favorite ladies, and I’m hoping to get another one or two non-local girlfriends onboard, as well.

  • Christmas decorations

120514 christmas dec collage

No explanation necessary.

  • Spin Classes

120514 spins

If you read this week’s WIAW,  you know that I’ve now been to two spin classes. I’m still new, but I’m already a fan. I like the camaraderie, the loud music, and the killer workout! I’d be very interested to wear a heart rate monitor during a spin class sometime. For research!

  • Fitbit’s new run tracker

120514 run screen shot edited

I’ve always been very fond of my Fitbit. I have the One, which is the one that tracks steps, sleep, and flights of stairs. I think it’s an effective and fun gadget that helps tons of people maintain an active lifestyle, myself included.

My one complaint about the One has been that it falls short in workout tracking and analysis. It’s been great for counting total dailyy steps and stairs, but has lacked specific information about bursts of high intensity activity, until now!

A couple weeks ago, I noticed a new section in my Fitbit app called Exercise. Previously, I’d been able to log workouts from a drop-down menu of generic activities like running, walking, biking, yoga, etc, but it looked like now I’d be able to track a workout in real time. I finally got around to trying out the new functionality on my run yesterday morning, and it’s amazing! It basically does everything the Nike+ running app used to do. (Apparently, GPS tracking of runs, walks and hikes was added to the Fitbit app with the June 30th update. Where was I?)

It tracks distance, duration, pace, and GPS location with a mapped route and everything. It even breaks down running splits, calories, and gives a side-by-side comparison of recent runs. I’m really impressed.

120514 running trees

The only drawback for me is that if I want to track a run, I have to take my phone with me. A minor inconvenience, considering it’s probably a good idea to carry it with me when I run for safety purposes, anyway. Also, for picture-taking purposes.

120514 starbys

Shameless plug 🙂


That’s it from me for today. I hope you all have wonderful weekends! See you on the other side 🙂






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