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Stitch Fix #4 Review

I hope you’re ready for some selfies!

123014 blurry selfie

Last week, I mentioned that I received an early Christmas surprise from Stitch Fix. Stitch Fix is an online styling service that sends you 5 hand-picked items to try on in the comfort of your home. When you sign up, you fill out a Style Profile to outline your likes, dislikes, needs, wants, and sizes. A stylist uses your Style Profile to choose 5 items she thinks you would love. You keep what you like and return what you don’t. There is a $20 styling fee that goes toward any items you decide to keep. And if you end up keeping all 5 items in the box, you get 25% off your entire order.

I’ve been using Stitch Fix for almost a year now, and this was my 4th “fix”. Here is my review.


1. Callie Denim Jacket (Kut From The Kloth)

Stitch Fix Jean Jacket


Stitch Fix Jean Jacket

PASS – I liked the fit and the cut of this jacket, I just… don’t really wear jean jackets. I think the 90’s ruined them for me.


2. Sylvan Mixed Material Top (Skies are Blue)

Stitch Fix Mixed Material Top

PASS – Not a huge fan of this one. I’m always drawn to flowy, flouncy (?) tops, but more often than not they turn out to be shapeless and unflattering. These pictures show a lot of wrinkles that I hadn’t even noticed. And at the price point ($48), I had to pass.


3. Chaplin Lined Hooded Anorak Jacket (Market and Spruce)

Stitch Fix Anorak Jacket


Stitch Fix Anorak Jacket

KEEP – I love this jacket. I love the lining. I love the cinched waist. I love the removable hood. I’ve already gotten a ton of use out of this jacket in the Bay Area over Christmas. A definite keeper.


4. Alan French Terry Asymmetrical Zip Cardigan (Market and Spruce)

123014 gray

PASS – This was another miss for me. In theory, a sporty sweater would be a good fit for my current lifestyle. Unfortunately, nothing about this cardigan worked. I didn’t like the color and it wasn’t flattering from the front, side, or back (thank you, Andrew, for your honesty). Pass.


5. Amalia Pull-On Skinny Jean (Just Black)

123014 black

PASS – These pants are basically leggings that look and feel like jeans (maybe they are jeans?). They don’t have a zipper or button closure, so there’s no “bulk”, which I liked. I just couldn’t justify adding another pair of black pants to my existing collection of 5,000.

. . . . . .


I only kept one of the five items in this fix, but I’m really pleased with the one I kept. It’s not something I would have ever sought out myself or thought to try on in a store, so I’m really glad my Stitch Fix stylist included it.


Bonus item: Knit hat, designed and executed by Andrew’s mom, Margie. (Matching scarf not pictured.)

123014 selfie hat

DEFINITE KEEP – Margie has more talent in her knitting needles than anyone I’ve ever met. This hat is knit from the softest, smoothest yarn. I love it. I’ve been wearing it, and the scarf, around the house nonstop. Thank you, Margie. 🙂

. . . . . .

That’s enough of my face for one day. Have a great Tuesday, everyone.


Bye Felicia
Bye Felicia!

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  1. thanks amy. hat looks great. with the wather the way it’s been i’m glad the scarf came in handy. might have to do another one. enjoy

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