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WIAW #24: The Last Spin Class & A Stitch Fix Surprise

Good morning!

Before I get to this week’s What I Ate Wednesday, I just have to share something that’s happening right now that’s cracking me up.

122414 kevins squished in

Kevin #1 was peacefully napping in the cat tree. Forget the fact that the top bunk only fits one cat, Kevin #2 decided to squeeze in for a little quality time with his brother. Kevin #1’s face is the best.

Ok, enough cats for today. Let’s talk food! But let’s not just talk about meal food; let’s talk about the food that happens between the meals. Okay, and we’ll talk about the meals, too. We’re just going to talk about everything.


What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday

8:00am – Bulletproof Coffee and a tiny smoothie. Most of the time, I have no problem working out first thing in the morning on bulletproof coffee alone, but spin classes require a little extra fuel. Hence, the smoothie.

Bulletproof coffee and smoothie breakfast

9:15am – Spin Class, the last of 2014. We had a sub teach yesterday, and I could tell that many of the class’s “regulars” were less than thrilled. The sub had a very different style than the usual instructor, including the music he chose which was some pretty intense techno. Although, I have to admit, if there was ever a time and a place for intense techno (other than a rave) it’s a spin class. I felt bad for the sub because I’m sure he could tell how obviously disappointed some of the regulars seemed to be. I know I got a great workout and that’s what matters.

Spin bike before class

10:45am – Green power smoothie. I was pleasantly surprised when I first combined all of these ingredients and ended up with a not-just-decent-but-actually-really-good-tasting smoothie. It’s become my post-workout go-to recovery smoothie. (Half a banana, 1 scoop Sun Warrior Vanilla protein powder, 1 scoop Macro Greens powder, and ice.)

Macro greens and sun warrior protein powder smoothie

After showering and tidying up the apartment (cats + christmas tree + lots of baking = more mess than usual), I was ready for lunch.

12:00pm – Freezer waffles with sunflower seed butter, banana, and chia seeds. This has been my favorite throw-together lunch lately. I don’t love the idea of processed waffles, but it’s a decent combination of protein (sun butter & chia seeds), carbs (waffle), and fats (sun butter & chia seeds) that is tasty and keeps me satisfied for hours.

122414 freezer waffles

I had some nearby errands to run so I decided to leave the car and take a walk. Nothing like some surprise 80 degree weather on Christmas Eve Eve.

122414 sunny walk

Speaking of surprises… I knew I had a package from Stitch Fix coming sometime around the holidays, but I wasn’t expecting it to arrive before ChristmasYet there it was, a cheery Stitch Fix box waiting for me when I got home.

Stitch Fix box

If you’re not familiar with Stitch Fix (<–affiliate link), it’s an online styling service that sends you a box of 5 hand-picked items (based on your style profile) for you to try on. You keep what you like and return the rest in a pre-paid USPS bag.

I’ve received several “fixes” now, and each time it’s pretty hit or miss. Unsurprisingly, this fix was the same: I really liked a couple of pieces and I wasn’t crazy about a couple of pieces. I’ll post a full review of my fix early next week.

2:30pm – I snuck (sneaked) a snickerdoodle while working at the computer. I used to always complain about all the sugary treats that would show up around the office in December. Silly of me to think I’d be able to avoid all the holiday sugar by working from home.

122414 snickersneak

The funny part is, I’m mostly to blame with all my holiday baking. (And thank you to Margie for the A+ batch of mandel bread!) New plan: bake all the treats and send them to the office with Andrew.

122414 too many treats

4:45pm – “Ants on a Log” for a pre-dinner snack. Casual.

Ants on a Log

8:30pm – Tuna Melt sandwiches with avocado and a shared Pasadena Salad on the side.

Tuna Melt Sandwich for dinner

After dinner, Andrew and I lit all the candles on our menorah for the final night of Hanukkah.

Menorah final night

We let Kevin and Kevin open their Hanukkah present, which was a bottle of bubbles specifically for cats (and babies?) that are safe to eat, smell like peaches, and don’t pop like normal bubbles.

wrapped cat present

I think I had more fun with them than the Kevins.

bubbles that don't popHappy Hanukkah to those who celebrated.

And Merry Christmas Eve. It’s also my dad’s birthday today, so the party basically begins now. I’m taking the rest of the week off of blogging, “unless something really important or cat-related happens” – says Andrew, who is reading over my shoulder and interjecting helpful hints. 🙂

Happy Holidays!




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