Pretending To Be A Tourist In LA (Friday Favorites)

Good morning!

How is everyone doing today? I had to say my goodbyes to my parents last night after a full day of fun around the city. Two short days is not nearly enough time with them, but we covered a lot:

My mom and I spent a full day shopping around in Santa Monica at the promenade, my dad gave an incredibly successful guest lecture at his (and my) old stomping grounds at USC, the three of us ventured downtown to check out the historic Grand Central Market, strolled around the heart of Culver City, did some classic ‘parent visit grocery shopping’, and had a really nice dinner at one of my favorite spots on Abbot Kinney, Hal’s.

I had no problems opening up my schedule to spend time with them, but let’s just say I have some work and studying to catch up on and need to make today a productive Friday.

First thing on my To Do list: #FridayFavorites. The weeks seem to fly by so quickly around here that it’s nice to take a breather on Fridays and reflect on all the greatness of the week (before starting the greatness of the weekend).



Parent visits: This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, but I love getting to spend time with my parents wether it’s up in the Bay Area or down here in LA.

13015 parent selfie

My parents are quickly becoming pros at the selfie game. 🙂

13015 present

And I don’t know wether to love or hate my mom for bringing me an adorably wrapped birthday present… that I’m not allowed to open for another 2 months! Torture.

Grand Central Market: Packed with international cuisines, cheese mongers, butchers, juice shops, and produce stands, Grand Central Market is an LA institution.

Downtown LA Grand Central Market

It’s been around since 1917 and is definitely worth checking out if you’re ever in the downtown area.

Huge Potato at the LA Grand Central Market

And holy cow, we saw some huge potatoes.

Trader Joe’s Almond Butter. Yes, almond butter. Don’t worry, I still LOVE their sunflower seed butter, I just thought that after 5 years of unwavering devotion, I should maybe branch out a little. And it turns out that the crunchy, salted almond butter is also pretty great! Sunflower seed butter still holds the #1 spot in my heart, but I’ll happily add almond butter to my weekly rotation.

Trader Joe'a Crunchy Salted Almond Butter

One downside: At $7.99, it makes my $4.99 sunflower seed butter look cheap.

Cats that are jerks: The Kevins actually got their own post this week, so today I’m calling out this 29 Times Cats Continued To Be Complete Jerks list from Buzzfeed. The results are in: cats are jerks. (And that’s basically why I love them so much.)

Tulips: Because the house is always cheerier when there are flowers around.

Trader Joes Tulips

90% off sales: You’ll be surprised to hear that the best sale I saw all week was not at the promenade (although we did see some great sales). The Albertson’s near our house is currently having a store closing sale and all items are 10-90% off.

Albertson's 90% off

There are some serious deals right now, and I’ve actually been twice already to stock up on some of our staples.

Dr Heinz Funkenpumpe: Have you guys heard of this guy? Andrew was clued in to his YouTube page, and while I’m still not sure what to think, I’m pretty sure I love it. It’s a collection of bizarre 70’s interpretive, jazzy, dancy videos…. that are hard to describe. I was a dancer growing up, and if I had known that this was a career option, I might have stuck with it a little longer!

And who doesn’t love a good silk romper?


I’d love to hear what you’re loving this Friday, in the comments below. And of course, you can check out what others are loving over on Heather’s site in the linkup.

Have a great Friday and enjoy your weekend!


The Kevins: Just A Couple Of Cool Cats

Hello friends!

Today’s post is coming at you with super speed and will be over in a flash, so try not to blink. My parents are in town for three short days so I’m trying to spend as much time with them as possible. Today’s post can’t promise much in the way of nutrition or fitness, but it is sure to please the cat lovers out there. #catladiesunite


Spotlight on The Kevins

Kevin Found the Light


Kevin and Kevin are the two cats that Andrew and I adopted almost 3 years ago. They’re brothers that were rescued from an abandoned yard in Hollywood, California. #DivaCats

12915 kittnes

We showed up at the local rescue adoption day hoping to possibly bring home one girl cat. Of course we left with two boys.

12915 how could you say no

It just happened.


Naming Kevin and Kevin


Officially named Al Green and Sam Cooke, these two monsters quickly took on the matching nicknames “Kevin and Kevin” because it’s exceedingly difficult to yell Al Green! or Sam Cooke! when a cat is being a jerk. Kevin, on the other hand, is a name much more suited to exclamation.

Exhibit A:





12915 kev

…is more outgoing of the two. He’ll walk right up to strangers and ask demand to be pet. He’s also slightly bigger than Al, comes when called, does frequent summersaults, and can usually be found in my lap.



12915 ciao

…takes longer to warm up to new people, but is a huge love once he feels comfortable. He’s also softer than Sam (feels like a chinchilla), and meows in response to every single one of my sneezes.

Here’s a fun fact: Al Green is trained to use a human toilet. It’s true! Cats can learn to use toilets. I should clarify, some cats can learn to use toilets. Sam Cooke simply could not get his shit together, pun intended.


Kevin and Kevin: Frenemies?


Sometimes people ask me if The Kevins get along. Do they like each other? …It’s hard to say.

12715 kevin love


They definitely drive us crazy from time to time, but they make us laugh every single day. While we’re still not 100% sold, we’re pretty sure we’re going to keep them. 🙂

Have a great day, everyone.


Question: What do you guys think? Should we keep The Kevins?

Was this too much cat for one post? Is Kevin going to break the Internet?