A Year Ago Today…

Good morning!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Ours started with a bang, but was perfectly lazy and rainy from there on out.

Friday night, we enjoyed several happy hours with some of my favorite former coworkers. Gulp, formerly Bourbon Street Shrimp Company, was an awesome venue for drinks, appetizers, and a lot of catching up. Our waitress was completely unfazed by our large group size and general level of rowdiness. Plus, she was an expert smart phone photographer. She got a really big tip.

foxy happy hour

In case we weren’t quite caught up or tipsy enough, we moved the party to Zanzibar for some bonus drinks and dancing. Such a fun night, I miss those guys.


Saturday… got off to a slow start, but turned into a productive day of errands, and ended with a really great meal at Speranza in Los Feliz, where we celebrated my sister-in-law’s 29th* birthday.

11215 cake

*Number has been changed to protect the anonymity of said in-law. (Happy birthday, Emmie!)


Sunday morning… Andrew and I passed on the farmers’ market in favor of the gym. For shame! you’re saying, but in all honesty, our meal plan was already set, and we really didn’t need anything from the market.

The gym was empty, which was awesome. I decided to go for a workout that usually would take up too much space in a crowded weight room. I did this leg day workout, followed by some easy sprints on the treadmill.

Note to self: A Sunday morning workout sets a healthy tone for the rest of the day, which is shockingly helpful during the afternoon grocery shop at Trader Joe’s. No sugar in our cart!


Our weekend ended with an evening stroll to Santouka, the ramen restaurant inside Mitsuya Market.

Santouka Ramen in Mitsuya Market

Warm, salty and delicious.

. . . . . .

A year ago today…

I love the idea of looking back to exactly one, two, three years ago today. It’s amazing how much can change in such a short amount of time.

calendar of january 2015

One year ago today, was a Sunday, and Andrew and I went to the farmers’ market, ran errands, and had fish for dinner. Sounds like us.

Two years ago today, I was packing for and looking forward to my bachelorette party, which was only a couple of weeks away.

Three years ago today, Andrew proposed to me at the Griffith Observatory. He chose the location in homage to one of our very first dates, and it was absolutely perfect.

11215 smiley11215 engagement ring
BONUS: Five years ago today, Andrew and I had our first “real” conversation at Copa d’Oro in Santa Monica, where we were coincidentally also at a work happy hour (several of the original happy hour crew were at this past Friday’s get-together).

stellas cam 023

Andrew and I had cordially met at work already, but never really had a chance to chat. That night, five years ago today, was when the two of us officially hit it off. An important night in Markus history, to say the least.

Have a great Monday.



Question: Where were you a year ago, today?

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