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First Five Friday Favorites of 2015

Good morning and happy Friday!

I have had the hardest time keeping track of the days this week. Holiday week + visitor + NYE = date confusion. One thing I know for sure is that 2015 is off to a great start. Yesterday was relaxing and dare I say, productive. We ended our new years day with grilled shrimp and asparagus for dinner, and then watched the movie, Chef (loved it). Today, we’re starting with a hike in the canyons, and I believe Sugar Fish might be in our future…

First things first, it’s Friday, so read on for the five things making up the first Friday Favorites of 2015. Phew!



1. Dani

I love having Dani as a visitor. She’s the perfect house guest – considerate, neat, easy going. Having her here has been a much needed dose of girl time. Juice runs, hiking, lots of wine, appetizer plates, and a few more selfies than usual.

ladies night new years eve

10215 app tray

Only a good friend like Dani would let me serve green juice shooters on new year’s eve. Now we can say we rang in the new year on a green note with vodka-Moon Juice shooters. They really weren’t terrible, and just saying, we all felt pretty spectacular the next morning.

10115 green shots


2. Moon Juice, Venice, CA

moon juice menu

Moon Juice is an organic juice shop in Venice that Dani just introduced me to. It’s pricey ($8-14 per juice), but as a once-in-a-while treat, I’d say it’s worth it. Between the two of us, Dani and I tried the Fennell, Frond & Herb, Golden Milk, and Cold Brew Coffee w/ Coconut Cream. They were all really good. Each bottle of juice lists its minimal ingredients and highlights its benefits.

moon juice venice

The Golden milk was especially delicious. To me, it tasted like the sugar milk at the bottom of a bowl of cereal. Highly recommended.


3. Uber

Uber has been a lifesaver over the past few weeks. Andrew and I ubered around up in the Bay Area, we’ve ubered to a couple parties in the past few days, and Dani has used it during her visit just to get around the sprawling city of LA, which doesn’t have the most efficient public transportation system. I try to let each and every Uber driver know how much I appreciate the work they’re doing. Note: some drivers are much more receptive of my praise than others.


4. Wheel House, Mar Vista, CA

cheese plate

When this cheese shop opened up right down the street from us, Andrew and I were excited, but we had no idea we’d soon be regulars. Wheel House has an excellent selection of cheeses of all varieties (cow, sheep, goat, buffalo, etc), but the customer service is what draws us back week after week. The cheese mongers at Wheel House are friendly, knowledgable, and very patient. We went in on New Year’s Eve looking for two cheeses, one hard and one creamy, and we didn’t want pasteurized cow’s milk (sheep, goat, and raw cow cheeses are all okay for lactose-intolerant Andrew to eat).

Sheeps Milk Brie Cheese

We ended up with a silky smooth sheep’s milk brie and a goat cheddar. They were both fantastic, but the brie was my favorite.


5. My new Stitch Fix jacket

This Market and Spruce jacket is my favorite clothing purchase of the season (although, admittedly one of the few). I’ve really needed an extra layer on more than a couple occasions in the past few weeks, and it’s nice to have a cute, casual, warm jacket to wear instead of my prior option which was an overly warm snow jacket. Just a little over the top.

Stitch Fix Anorak Jacket

You can check out the rest of my Stitch Fix review here.

. . . . . .

As soon as I hit publish on this post, Andrew, Dani and I are heading out for a hike in Temescal Canyon. Andrew and I have done this hike before, but it’s typically hot, hot, hot, so we figured today would be a good day since it’s a mere 55 degrees in LA!

I hope you have a great rest of your Friday and a wonderful weekend! Stay warm 🙂



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