Good Morning, Sunshine

Good morning, Coffee. Good morning, Internet. How is everybody doing?

It’s going to be a busy week, so I’m hoping to make today as productive as possible. An early workout is a great way to get the “productivity ball” rolling, so that’s exactly what I’ll be doing as soon as I finish this post.

. . . . . .

To sum up my weekend in a word: Full. Friday night, Andrew and I met up with a couple friends at the Witz End for some live music and dancing. Ultra Love gave a great performance, but House of Vibe All-Stars brought the house down. My fitbit got a workout, for sure.

Witz End Venice

Saturday morning was unfortunately too busy for a gym-venture, but the day’s events were well worth the sacrifice. I spent the morning at an adorable baby shower for a former neighbor of ours, Katie. Showering her with love in a beautiful park was a lovely way to spend the sunny morning.

12615 katie shower

The weather was so pleasant, in fact, that it drove herds of tourists and beach-goers into the heart of Santa Monica, where I needed to be for an afternoon hair cut. Fortunately, I anticipated this heightened traffic situation, and allowed 40 minutes to travel the 4.1 miles. I left my appointment looking good, but not that good because for me, it always takes about 2 weeks to really like and get used to a new haircut.

Andrew and I ordered in pizza and salad for a quick dinner before heading out to celebrate the birthday of our good friend, Delaney, in Venice. Delaney was the happiest, most gracious birthday girl Saturday night, and she picked a hip, lively bar for the evening: Bank of Venice. Beer, wine, and a fantastic gathering of friends made the night one to remember.

12615 bank of venice
Yes, Andrew is licking my ear. Casual.


Sunday, Andrew and I took it easy.

Sunday night food prep

We did our usual errands and food prep, and then ended the day with a warm and hearty dinner of butternut squash risotto topped with sautéed kale and bacon (leftover salad on the side).

12615 risotto

. . . . . .

Busy weekend, busy week ahead, busy month in general. I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!



Question: What’s your best trick for maintaining a healthy lifestyle when things get crazy?

Bonus question: What’s your best trick for getting over that iffy new haircut feeling?

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