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Healthy Living in the Year Ahead

It sure is quiet around here with Dani gone. And now that our Christmas tree is out of the house and all of the decorations put away, it feels like a big party just came to a screeching halt. I am just now starting to think about the year ahead and what I want my nutrition and fitness goals to be.

I try to set goals on a weekly basis, but here are some of my big picture goals for 2015:

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1. Run 3 times a week – Running three times a week seems to be a sort of sweet spot for me. Any more than that and I start to get injured; any less and I don’t make any progress in speed or distance. It’s taken me a long time to find a good balance with running, but I’ve come to love it in the process.

2. Sign up for a road race – I’ve been interested in doing a road race for a while now, and I finally feel like I’m a competent enough runner to participate. Andrew actually agreed to join me on this one, as long as I give him ample notice. 🙂

3. Become a certified personal trainer – This one is already in the works, so fingers crossed that by May of this year, I’ll officially be NASM-certified. (In case anyone else is currently studying for their certification, I put together my top study tips here.)

4. Limit dessert to once or twice a week – More than anything else, avoiding processed sugar in the evening leads to my feeling noticeably better (sharper, less groggy) in the morning. After dinner, when I feel like I want a little something else, I’ll try to reach for hot tea, instead.

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5. Try a cleanse and/or detox – I know, I know, cleanses are so 2014, but I never jumped on the bandwagon and now that even my parents have done one, I feel like it’s time I joined in. I have my eye on Dr. Junger’s 7-Day “Refresh” Clean cleanse. Dani swears by it, and is looking to do it again sometime in the near future, so we may power through together.

. . . . . .

Note that I didn’t call this a list of resolutions. I think I technically already missed the boat on that, seeing as we’re almost a week into 2015. I like the term ‘goals’ better than resolutions anyway, because goals feel fundamentally more attainable. A resolution that you strive to uphold for an entire year doesn’t allow much room for unforeseen challenges that are inevitably going to pop up in life. The minute you break a resolution, it’s over.

Goals, on the other hand, can be monthly, weekly, or even daily. I’m constantly setting goals. I’m also constantly achieving goals, missing goals, re-thinking goals… you get the picture.

Today, for instance, some of my goals are to do a load of laundry, drink 5 glasses of water, complete a spin class, and log at least 2 hours of SEO work. Totally doable. And if not, there’s always tomorrow.

Have a great day!


Question: What’s one of your goals for the day?



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