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How To Get Through A Workout You’re Just Not Feeling

Hey there!

More than a few of you are facing some seriously chilly temperatures around the country right now, and even LA is dealing with some rain. I hope you’re all staying warm and dry.

I managed to get to the gym and run some errands before the rain showed up yesterday, nice! But then something bad happened. I had a bad workout.

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After a full weekend off from working out (we’ll call it a “rest weekend”), I expected Monday morning’s workout to start out slow, but I didn’t expect it to drag until the end.

If you’ve been here before, you know that I really, truly love working out. (If not, you’re new, welcome!) I love the way it makes my body feel during, after and even after the after. I love seeing my strength build over time. I love the feeling of pride I get after sticking to my planned workout schedule all week long.

And there’s nothing better than a workout where all the stars align: I’m feeling strong, have no pain, and another 6 hours of jumping/running/spinning sounds like a piece of cake. Those workouts are awesome, but unpredictable. Similarly, the workouts that painfully drag on forever seem to come out of nowhere, too. Yesterday’s struggle definitely caught me off guard.

As I was counting down the minutes seconds on the treadmill, I started thinking about ways to make bad workouts more bearable…

5 Ways To Make A Bad Workout More Bearable

1. Pump up the jams, and if that doesn’t work, try an enthralling podcast. If your favorite workout song (Mortal Kombat) isn’t inspiring you, an interesting podcast can at least take your mind off the task at hand for 45 minutes or so.
TRY THIS: The Bulletproof Executive podcast is my go-to, and Serial is on my list of ones to download.

2. Wear a killer (work)outfit. If you know the workout is going to suck, but you haven’t left the house yet, you have an opportunity to at least wear an outfit that makes you feel cute, badass, strong, etc.
TRY THIS: For me, it’s all about the wrist sweatband.

3. Play a mind game. This is easiest to do if the workout you’re trying to get through is a steady state cardio workout. Incorporating HIIT sprints (sprints can apply to all forms of cardio, not just the treadmill) automatically gives your brain some math to keep track of.
TRY THIS: A good starter interval is 1:1 (walk 1 minute: run 1 minute), but try 2:1 or 3:1 (easier) or 1:2 (harder).

4. Focus on your breath. Breathing rhythmically (ex. 2 counts in, 3 counts out) during cardio, is a win-win because you’re training your lungs to work more efficiently and you’re not paying attention to how slowly the seconds are ticking by.
TRY THIS: Breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth is also surprisingly difficult to do without concentrating (for me, at least!). Give it a try.

5. Did you stay long enough to get your heart rate up and break a sweat? Great! Call it a day and go make yourself a green smoothie. Nutrition is (more than) half the battle, anyway.

Have something to add? I’d love to hear it in the comments.

. . . . . .

Yesterday’s workout may have felt like garbage, but that just means today’s can only be better. In other news, Trader Joe’s is selling tulip bouquets for $4 right now. Delightful.

Trader Joes Tulips

And with that, I’m off to tidy up the apartment before my parents get into town. Looking forward to a few days of family fun in LA, aka a chance for me to do all the touristy things I would never do on my own.

Have a wonderful day!


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