WIAW #28: Short ‘n Not-So-Sweet

After a much needed rest day, I’m more than ready to get a good workout in today. But before I get to that, I’ve got another edition of What I Ate Wednesday to share with you.

What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday 1/20/15

8:30am – Bulletproof coffee

bulletproof coffee aero press setup

12:30pm – Leftover kale caesar salad with a fried egg on top and blackberries on the side.

kale salad and blackberries

3:00pm – I snacked on a couple of medjool dates with almond butter (looks gross, tastes delicious) while mopping the apartment. I don’t love dates on their own, but wrapped in bacon or topped with almond butter, they’re completely acceptable.

medjool date with almond butter snack

My favorite Whole Foods stores are the ones that have grind-your-own nut butter stations. The best option they have, in my opinion, is definitely the honey-peanut combo, but it never lasts more than a day in our house, so I went with pure almond butter this time around. Not the most aesthetically pleasing food in the world…

5:45pm – Carrots and more almond butter for a little pre-dinner snack.

veggies and almond butter snack

7:45pm – Dinner was leftover homemade pizza with a big kale salad on the side. Cheers to our friends Nicole and Eli, who had us over for dinner Saturday night and served this kale salad. I liked it so much, I requested the recipe and couldn’t wait more than three days before recreating it.

pizza and salad for dinner

This is the first WIAW post in a while to feature… NO SUGAR. Hallelujah.



Question: What’s your favorite type of nut butter? Mine is undoubtedly sunflower seed butter, but I’m having a bit of an almond butter moment right now.



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  1. I am tickled pink your friends made you my kale and brussels sprout salad. I have a ton of other kale salads on the site, and based on what I read in this post, you will probably adore them! Thanks for linking to me, and keep it green! (kale, that is.)

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