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WIAW #29 Margarita Edition


I’m not going to stick around too long to chat this morning because I have a fun girls’ day ahead with my mom. My parents are in town at the moment, because my dad was invited to give a guest lecture at USC (which is something this man was born to do; his love for USC is unparalleled, and as a head-hunter, he actually offers a valuable perspective for soon-to-be college graduates entering the workforce). And because why not, my mom came along for the ride, and I’m more than happy to keep her entertained while my dad puts on a college professor hat for the day.

What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) is a weekly post where I (over) share a full day’s worth of meals, snacks, workouts, and everything in between, in hopes of inspiring those of you who might currently be in a bit of a food rut, and perhaps just satisfying the curiosity of a few other cats out there. I know that I, personally, am inexplicably fascinated by information like this about others, so I’m thinking that alone is reason enough to proceed.

What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday 1/27/15

8:30am – Cofffeeeeee

coffee and cats

Those little black specs you see in my coffee are bits of vanilla bean. I felt like making yesterday’s cup a bit fancier than usual. YOLO?

11:30am – Mini smoothie, leftover from a bigger one Andrew took with him to work, sipped while folding all the laundry.

12815 smoothie

12:00pm – Impromptu run. Feeling full of parent-visit energy, I bounded out of the house (almost forgot to lock the door!) for a quick 2 mile loop, sans ipod or cell phone. It was awesome. Not that ipods or cell phones are heavy, but it felt great to have free hands and no cords. (To be completely honest, the no ipod decision was made in part due to the sunny skies and my desire to avoid any wire-shaped tan lines.)

12815 sunny skies

1:15pm – Fried egg and avocado sandwich. I could eat this meal everyday.

Fried egg and avocado sandwich

5:00pm – I set out a couple appetizers when my parents arrived for us to snack on while catching up. Knowing that we’d be going out for dinner as soon as Andrew got home, I wanted to keep things light and went with veggies, hummus, and raw almonds.

Veggie Appetizers

7:30pm – Andrew and I took my parents to Kay N Daves, a mexican restaurant that prioritizes fresh, local ingredients and makes a mean house margarita. It’s only 4 miles from our apartment, so on nights when we plan to have more than a couple margs, Andrew and I ride our bikes there.


Usually, when my parents come to visit LA, we automatically eat at El Cholo (“because it’s an institution!”), but this time we wanted to show them something new. Kay N Daves is smack dab in the middle of Culver City, a cute happenin’ town that my parents fell in love with. My mom and I both ordered the house Tostada Salad with grilled veggies. And, of course, margaritas.

12815 kay n daves tostada salad with veggies

Andrew had some blackened fish tacos, and I honestly couldn’t tell you what my dad ordered, but everyone loved their entrees.

Any day that ends with a margarita is a good day, indeed. Have a great Wednesday, everyone!



Per usual, you can see what others are eating over at Peas & Crayons. Happy eating.

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    1. Spoiled, I know! I do feel for you guys over there in your arctic-snow-pocalypse, but I also can only imagine how beautiful it must be to live in a winter wonderland during the holidays…. 🙂

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