Workouts, Weeknight Dinners, and Wedding Presents

Good morning,

How’s everyone’s day going so far? Hopefully this week is flying by, at least for those of you who had Monday off. I’m working my way through a larger than usual mug of bulletproof coffee right now, so I’ll be among the living any moment.

Yesterday was a fairly productive day, at least in terms of work (both job-work and working out). Less so in the study department. I started the day with… well coffee, but after that I drove right to the gym for a strength + cardio workout. Most of the workouts I’ve posted lately have focused on the upper body, so today’s will help balance you guys out!

20 minute squat workout

For reference:
parallel squats
curtsy squats
sumo squats
single-leg squats
squat jumps

Just so you know, “squat” is one of those words that starts to look really weird the longer you look at it.

As soon as I got home from the gym, I devoured the leftover kale salad from Tuesday night. I figured including some protein would be a smart idea, so I made up some tuna salad to go with it.

healthy lunch

Man, tuna really does a great job of filling me up and keeping me full all afternoon. And that’s saying something considering I had a slow cooker in the kitchen emitting the amazing smell of butter chicken into the entire apartment, all day long.

The hours of nose-torture were well worth it, however, when Andrew and I finally got to taste the final result: Slow Cooker Lightened Up Butter Chicken (inspired by this recipe).

crock pot butter chicken dinner

Andrew and I received our slow cooker as a wedding present, and it’s gotten more use in the past 3 months than it has in the past 2 years.  (Technically 1 year 10 months, but our anniversary is rapidly approaching. HINT HINT Andrew.)

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday. Friday is rapidly approaching.


Question: For those of you who are married, what was the most ridiculous wedding present you received? Andrew and I received a pair of sterling silver salad tongues in the form of a nude man and woman. Don’t worry, I’m positive the gift-givers responsible for that particular item do not read this blog!




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