Cleanse Update: Cravings & Meal Plan Tweaks

Hey guys!

How’s your week going? Some of you are dealing with some serious snow right now (East coast), and others are dealing with mega rain (Northern California). I hate to tell you guys this, but it’s about 85 degrees and sunny here today. My apologies.

Sunny Selfie

Like the weather, I’m feeling a bit sunnier myself. My sore throat is almost gone, thanks to a lot of rest and a very clean diet. Speaking of diet, I wanted to give you guys an update on how the Magic Cleanse is going.

Magic Cleanse Update

The short answer is the cleanse is going really well so far, but we’re learning a lot along the way.

I learned that a morning smoothie without nut butter is not filling enough to last me until lunch, and that there is a fine line as to how much flaxseed meal can go unnoticed in a smoothie (about a teaspoon). I also learned that while sweet potatoes can be hearty and filling, they become a monotonous lunch item after just a couple of days. I also learned that it’s totally possible to function without bulletproof coffee in the morning… but I’ll definitely be bringing it back.

Tweaking the Meal Plan

Yesterday afternoon, Andrew and I were chatting about the cleanse and discussing the next few days’ lunches. So far, we’ve both liked the protein components of our lunches (salmon, egg salad, turkey meatballs), but we were both feeling a little over some of the vegetable sides, specifically the sweet potatoes which get a little sad and soggy.

Cleanse Lunch Day 4

Because Andrew eats lunch at the office (like most working people), I’ve been preparing our lunches the night before. The fact of the matter is that cooked vegetables taste a whole lot better fresh out of the oven than they do reheated the next day.

Andrew, the genius, suggested that we stop torturing cooked vegetables and focus on raw veggies instead. Brilliant. I made a quick trip to the store to stock up on salad fixings. Today for lunch, rather than having our turkey meatballs with a side of brussels sprouts, they’ll be on top of a big salad.

Annoying Cravings

Another notable observation that Andrew and I have both made is that we were severely addicted to sugar going into this cleanse. Andrew has felt the sugar cravings a little more than me, but it probably has something to do with the presence of girl scout cookies all around the office this week. Tagalongs on every person’s desk? That has got to be tough.

Hilariously, the last day of our cleanse is Valentine’s Day, which hopefully will make it a little easier to resist all the See’s Candy and red velvet cupcakes that I might otherwise be pressured into eating. Of course, it just makes me start thinking about what fun post-cleanse treat we’re going to have on Sunday. 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your day. The weekend is near!


Question: Do you have big plans for Valentine’s Day or are you part of the population that chooses to boycott the holiday? Andrew and I typically boycott the holiday, meaning we’ll steer clear of any and all restaurants Saturday night. They’re all booked and only offering $100 prix fixe dinners anyway! 

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  1. Agreed on the less than fresh cooked vegetables, I’ve been saving those for dinners and just having salads at lunch. Those turkey meatballs- holy crap, they look delicious. Ehhh- we really aren’t big Valentine’s Day celebrators, we’ll get each other a card, but that’s the extent of it.

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