List Item #1: Create A To Do List

Hi everyone!

After an uber productive Monday, I’m feeling mighty chipper this morning. I’ll have you know that for the past 3 months (essentially since leaving my job), I have been living a list-free life. Yes, I’ve been functioning without the help of a To Do list for more than 90 days. And it hasn’t been awesome.

I finally caved and pulled out a spiral notebook from the depths of my desk so that I can start to keep track of the little things that should only take a few minutes to complete like ‘send a follow up email’ or ‘order more floss from amazon’, the tasks I tend to think shouldn’t need to be written down, but that slip through the cracks too easily.

Organized Desk

My return to the land of list-keeping proved to be a success. I spent the day checking things off my list left and right. Make list, check! Cross items off list, check! It was fantastic. All jokes aside, a To Do list full of seemingly tiny tasks came in handy when I felt like taking a 10 minute break from one of my larger responsibilities (work, studying). Rather than spending 10 minutes wandering around the Internet aimlessly, I completed a task from my list like ‘prep the brussels sprouts for dinner’ or ‘collect and organize my tax documents’. (I’m actually still procrastinating the tax documents collection; that was just an example.)


Sauteed Cabbage

Somewhere in the middle of being productive, I broke for lunch, opting for the cheapest, healthiest meal our kitchen could produce: cabbage scrambled eggs. Are you laughing? You better not be laughing. Cabbage scrambled eggs may sound drab, and they may even look a little less than appetizing, but they taste delicious.

Cabbage Scrambled Eggs

The secret ingredient is tiny bit of soy sauce (maybe a teaspoon), which gets stirred into the sautéed cabbage before the eggs are added. The soy adds an umami flavor that 100% makes the dish. Really, give it a try.


20315 weight room

After Andrew got home from work, and after resolving a few technical difficulties with the site, the two of us drove to the gym for a pre-dinner workout. The gym was packed, which I found to be odd because I thought everyone’s resolutions were supposed to be over by now… I don’t mind a busy gym too much, now that I’ve gotten the hang of putting up my blinders when I’m in the weight room, but the one thing I’ll never get over is when the gym is so crowded that it starts to smell. That’s gross, sorry. Moving on…

Empty LA Fitness
The gym did NOT look like this.


As soon as we got home from the smelly gym, I threw some brussels sprouts in the oven to roast while reheating our leftovers from Mozza Pizzeria. An excellent post-gym dinner.

20315 pizza and brussels sprouts

Andrew and I will watch at least a little TV most nights of the week before heading to bed. Has anyone else been watching the Larry Wilmore Nightly Show? I think he’s doing a pretty good job. Still settling in, but off to a good start.


Question: What tools or tricks do you use to stay on track and productive throughout the day?


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