Magic Cleanse: Day One Recap & My Big Debut

Hi! Good morning. How are you?

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Ours was busy but fun. And the cleanse has begun! The inaugural Magic Cleanse is underway and all systems are a go. More on that in a minute. First, a quick weekend recap.

20915 succulents

Over the course of the past several weekends, Andrew has been building a badass #heirloom toy chest for his nephew. It’s made out of really nice wood and Andrew’s been meticulous about all of the details. It’s nearing completion and it looks so great. I’ll post a picture or ten once it’s done and has been delivered to its recipient. 🙂

Building a toy chest

Saturday morning, while Andrew was wood-working, I did a quick at-home arm workout using our free weights. It was only three moves and didn’t seem too challenging at the time, but my arms are still sore. It was a good one so I’ll post it later this week. Saturday was a gorgeous day, so I ended the workout with a neighborhood run.

Video Shoot

Saturday afternoon, I got to do something kind of hilarious. I was asked to participate in a testimonial video about one of our “entertainment devices” that cannot be named. The video shoot was much more serious than I expected it to be.

Pre-shoot makeup

I had a wardrobe consultant, as well as hair and makeup. I rarely wear much makeup anymore, so I felt a little ridiculous (does anyone really still wear eye shadow?!). But I know that I would have looked ridiculous without it on camera. Bright lights are not naturally flattering.

20915 action

There was a full set designed to look like a living room where I sat and tried to act normal while giving an interview. Andrew assured me that I nailed it.


Mar Vista Farmers Market live music
Mar Vista Farmers Market

There was a killer band at the farmers’ market this week. We were drawn in and had to stop and watch.

The Cleanse

So… It’s only Day Two of the Magic Cleanse, and we’ve already broken the rules.  Slightly.

We originally decided to start the 7-day cleanse on Sunday so that we’d be done on Saturday and still have some (long!) weekend left. But what I didn’t take into account about starting on a Sunday is that Andrew and I tend to sleep in on the weekends. Our first “breakfast” shake of the day was at 11am. Great start.

20915 smoothie ingredients

Smoothie 1 included banana, pineapple, blueberries, macro greens, almond butter, chia seeds, flaxseed meal, almond milk, and water. (The protein powder I ordered on Amazon doesn’t arrive until today, so I made sure to be generous with the almond butter.)

Because we had such a late breakfast, we weren’t hungry for lunch until right in the middle of running errands, far, far from home.  Rookie mistake.

Cleanse Lunch 1

20915 cleanse meal 1

It was practically 5pm by the time we had our grilled salmon with roasted broccoli and sweet potatoes. A very satisfying first “mid-day” cleanse meal. So satisfying that we decided to punt on a third “dinner” smoothie altogether.

*For anyone out there considering a Magic Cleanse of their own, I’m recording this week’s meal plan in detail and will be sure to share a full recap next week.

I decided to end Day One of the cleanse with a relaxing bath.

Relaxing Sunday Night Bath

Baths are so great. Why don’t people take more baths?

Alright everyone, I hope you all have an awesome Monday. See you later!



Question: What was the most relaxing part about your weekend?

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