Short & Sweet Weekend Recap + Banana Oat Bar Update

Hey gang,

What’s the deal with January, and now February, being so busy?! Another weekend has come and gone in what feels like a nanosecond.


Friday night was incredibly low key: we ordered Chinese food and watched Shark Tank. Have I mentioned that we have two cats? We’re epicly cool.

Fortune cookie

…I hope so!

Andrew’s fortune cracked us both up: The social scene can be fun today.


Saturday morning, we caught up on sleep and barely made it to the gym before noon. The silver lining of a late morning gym mission is that most of the eager gym-beavers are long gone by then.

Saturday evening, we met up with some visiting friends for drinks and explored the Venice Pier. Not the well-known Santa Monica Pier; the equally awesome, ferris wheel-less sister pier that extends off of Washington Blvd.

Venice Pier Sightseeing

Good to know that the Venice Pier offers equal access sightseeing for visitors. It was a gorgeous night, even with the little bit of fog that had rolled in.


Sunday was a day for farmers’ market shopping, woodworking (Andrew), and baking.

101614 closeup

Remember these banana oat bars? The ones with sunflower seed butter? Well I’ve got good news. I tried making them with almond butter, and they’re equally amazing.

banana oat bar ingredients

Andrew and I did our best not to eat all of the oat bars because we had important dinner plans. Mozza Pizzeria, possibly the best pizza restaurant in LA, was participating in DineLA, which sadly, ended last night.

We made reservations to get in on the Mozza action several weeks ago, but even so, the only reservation we were able to secure was Sunday night at 8:45pm. Typical Mozza. It’s worth it, though.

Mozza Pizzeria

Looking forward to those leftovers!

And now here we are again: Monday. This seems to keep happening. Have a great week, everyone!




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