Snapshot Thursday

Good morning!

As soon as I finish my coffee (or this post), I’m out the door for a run. The weather outside is gorgeous right now.

Instead of giving a generic recap of yesterday, I thought I’d try something different and share a collection of all the random snapshots I took throughout the day along with the titles that I actually gave the photos when saving them to my computer. I usually rename my pictures once they become part of a post, but today I’m going to let the unedited titles tell the story.


Saved as: 22515 alien selfie

Saved as: 22515 alien selfie

Nothing says “I’m excited about an early morning dentist appointment” like a good selfie. At least the morning light was nice.


Saved as: 22515 pear oats

Saved as: 22515 pear oats

Prepped the night ahead, these oats (and some sunflower seed butter) were there for me in a moment of extreme post-dental hunger. The pear wasn’t quite ripe enough, but they still hit the spot.


22615 third bud

Saved as: 22515 third bud

Another bloomer on my neon orchid. I love buying orchids with a bunch of closed buds. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.


22615 the most beautiful beauty

Saved as: 22515 the most beautiful beauty

There are at least four buds that have yet to bloom. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you guys posted. Stay tuned for updates.


22615 caswell

Saved as: 22515 Caswell 

Caswell is the name of this little lady, whom I have the honor of walking every day this week. She’s the sweetest thing and isn’t much bigger than the Kevins. Speaking of the Kevins…


This one comes from Andrew’s phone:

22615 pile of kevins

Saved as: 22515 pile of kevins

This is pretty much standard procedure. Every night, when we sit down to relax and watch some TV, Al gets comfortable in my lap and then Sam comes along and sticks his big old butt on top of Al. Al doesn’t even seem mad about it in this picture, he’s so used to it.


22615 study all the time

Saved as: 22515 study all the time

It looks like I was studying my NASM materials late into the night, thanks to the terrible lighting in this picture, but this is actually around 3:30 in the afternoon. I have one more chapter of material to learn and then I need to switch gears and memorize all one billion of my flashcards. Just a couple more months until I take my test.


22615 clown food

Saved as: 22515 clown food

Last night’s dinner was a completely random throw-together of leftover items: farro salad with bell pepper, onion, & dried cranberries and a side of sautéed kale + prosciutto.


22615 freezer cookie buddies

Saved as: 22515 freezer cookie buddies

Andrew had a great idea to bake a few freezer cookies after dinner last night. This is what it looks like when frozen balls of dough get a little too friendly in the toaster oven. But what a delicious friendship it is.




Question: What naming convention do you use for your files and photos? I always include the date, but I could be better about using descriptive titles that would help me find what I’m looking for later.


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