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Good morning, world.

It’s good to be back in reality, but we had a FABULOUS time at Disneyland yesterday.

20515 amy and andrew in toon town

We spent the morning and early afternoon in Disneyland, spent the late afternoon in California adventure, and then ended the day back in Disneyland. I could run through the day, hour by hour, but you’d all be either extremely jealous or extremely bored by the end. So, I’ll stick to the highlights of the day.

. . . . . .


Churros – Surprise, surprise, surprise. The churros were amazing and everything I remembered them to be. We made three very strategic churros stops: the first after riding Thunder Mountain Railroad, our first ride; the second once we moved over to California Adventure (for comparison), and the third after dinner before leaving the park.

Churros at Disneyland

No lines – Ok, no lines is an exaggeration, but the lines were extremely minimal. Five minutes for Indiana Jones, ten minutes for Thunder Mountain… No wonder we look so cheery waiting in line; we can handle ten minutes!

20515 cheery in line

I’ve been to Disneyland before and had to wait hours in line. The longest we had to wait yesterday was for Space Mountain, and even that was only 20 minutes.

Inside Space Mountain

The one ride that had a long wait time was the new Cars ride, Radiator Springs (80 minutes), so we passed on that. It worked out for the best, though, because it meant we had time to ride California Screamin’ (5 minute wait), the biggest roller coaster in either park, and it was nuts!

20515 cal screamin

It’s a REAL roller coaster, you guys.

20515 screamin

Riding ALL THE RIDES – Because the lines were so short, we were able to do just about every ride and attraction we could have wanted to. Splash Mountain and It’s A Small World were closed, but we rode Thunder Mountain, Indiana Jones, Space Mountain, California Screamin’, Pirates of the Caribbean, and ate at the Blue Bayou restaurant inside Pirates.

Star Tours

We even had time to go on rides I would consider “non essentials”, as well as some rides that were new to me like Star Tours, the Haunted House tour (non essential, but still fun/funny), and the Enchanted Tiki Room show (amazing).

Enchanted Tiki Room entrance

Experiencing Disney with a little kid – I’m actually not talking about Andrew. A couple weeks ago, we had planned for a Disney date with our sister-in-law, Robynn, and 2-year old nephew, Izzy.

20515 little iz

Andrew’s brother (and Robynn’s husband), Jeff, works for Disney, so he and Robynn get free entry to Disneyland and can bring guests in for free as well! Thank you, thank you, Jeff and Robynn for having us. Disneyland is expensive now!

Disneyland is such a different experience for a kid. Kids love seeing their favorite characters around the park.

Pluto at Disneyland

Adults are too shy to approach.

Pluto photo bomb

Toon Town is also kid central, with tiny play houses and playgrounds for toddlers. It doesn’t have much to offer thrill-seekers, but interestingly, all of the plants in Toon Town are edible! Very cool. Izzy didn’t care.

Edible plants in toon town

Spotting secret Disney stuff – According to some online research, there are tons of easter eggs throughout the park, but the only secret thing we really noticed or cared about was Club 33, the exclusive members-only restaurant and lounge right beside the Blue Bayou.

Club 33 entrance

International man of mystery, acting super casual about a secret, hip Disney lounge. 

After a full 8 hours of exhausting Disney fun, we grabbed one last churro and said goodbye.

20515 disney entrance

Until next time…


Question: What is your absolute favorite ride/attraction at Disneyland?

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