The Magic Cleanse (aka The Cheap DIY Clean Copy-Cat Cleanse)


I’ve got a couple Friday Favorites to share with you guys in a minute (spoiler alert, they’re pretty much all Disneyland related), but first I wanted to share with you, and publicly commit to, my very specific plans for next week.

For the past several months, pretty much since the holidays, I’ve been wanting to detox a little bit. Just a simple reset; nothing drastic or severe.

Fortune cookie

I’ve had my eye on the Clean cleanse, which my friend, Dani, swears by. To me, it seems like a good, moderate choice. The 7-day format looks like this: smoothie for breakfast, whole foods for lunch, smoothie for dinner. You avoid sugar, dairy, gluten, alcohol, and coffee for the seven days because those are the foods most likely to cause “indigestion, inflammation, bloating, [and] fatigue”.

clean toxic triggers

The Clean program includes:

1. Protein powder for the smoothies
2. A whole host of supplements that you take with each meal
3. Access to a robust online support system

At $165, the Clean 7-day cleanse is one of the more reasonable ones on the market. But…

For someone working part-time, $165 for a one week cleanse is still more than I’d like to spend. I was thinking something in the zero dollars range would be perfect. So my plan is to follow the Clean cleanse protocol as closely as possible while spending as little money as possible. I’m calling it the Magic Cleanse (aka The Cheap DIY Clean Copy-Cat Cleanse). And I’m starting this Sunday.


Magic Cleanse

For the Magic Cleanse, I’ll use my own protein powder and supplements. I’ve got Andrew on board as a participant, and Dani is going to be doing the actual Clean cleanse, so we’ll be each other’s support systems.

No coffee is going to be a struggle for me… I’m expecting a withdrawal headache on day one. But I’m interested to see how difficult it is to completely eliminate the other vices on the list.

10715 quitter

One thing I’m looking forward to detoxing from is alcohol. I can’t speak for Andrew, but I’ve started to feel a bit saturated lately. January felt like one happy hour after the next. I’m not complaining, I love a happy hour just as much (if not more) than the next girl, but my body doesn’t rebound like it used to. I hate that too many glasses on wine Friday night has to have such an impact on Saturday morning’s workout. The point is, I’m prepared to sit a few happy hours out.

Meal Plan

This coming week’s meal plan is obviously going to look a little different. I’m sure we’ll make adjustments as we go, but here’s my initial game plan.

Breakfast smoothies: Protein powder, macro greens, banana, almond butter, chia seeds

Dinner smoothies: Protein powder, macro greens, avocado, blueberries, spinach

Lunches: The Clean cleanse stresses eating enough at each meal to avoid the desire to snack in between. My goal is to prepare satisfying and delicious lunches for Andrew and I so that we really enjoy (and look forward to) our main meal each day.

I’m planning to make a bunch of roasted and steamed vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, zucchini, sweet potato, carrots) to have for the week. High quality fish, meat, and eggs will be our protein and healthy fats.

Supplements: Andrew takes a probiotic daily, but I don’t currently take anything. For the cleanse, I may add a probiotic, as well as vitamin D and fish oil. This is still TBD.

Like I said, we’re starting this Sunday and we’re hoping to be feeling fully clean and amazing by the following Saturday. It’s only seven days. We can definitely do this. Any one else care to join?

. . . . . .

Friday #Favorites

As promised, here is this week’s edition of Friday Favorites. Feel free to add some of your own in the comments!

Joke parking tickets – Other than the 6 churros we bought, this was our only Disneyland purchase. We found it inside the magic shop on Main Street, where Steve Martin got his start as a magician-later-turned-comedian.

20615 parking ticket

Roller coasters with Andrew – You think you know a person, but until you’ve heard them scream on a roller coaster, you really don’t.

20515 riding thunder

23 Things that Get Way More Exciting As You Get Older [Buzzfeed] – Almost every single one of these hits home for me. I’m not ashamed.

For more Friday Favorites, head on over to Heather’s site. Enjoy the rest of your Friday, and have an amazing weekend!


Question: What do you guys think about my cleanse plans? Ridiculous? Intriguing? You can be honest 🙂

5 thoughts to “The Magic Cleanse (aka The Cheap DIY Clean Copy-Cat Cleanse)”

    1. I’m definitely worried about giving up caffeine.The longest I’ve gone is about two days, so this should be interesting. I’m hoping this cleanse will lower my tolerance to coffee, though, so I can get away with having less each day.

  1. i’m very excited to see how the cleanse goes. my friend and i plan on duplicating the more grad-student-budget-friendly Magic Cleanse next week. post-mardi gras, it will be very necessary.

    1. Post-mardi gras is a perfect time for a cleanse. I’ll definitely give a full recap of how the inaugural run of the Magic cleanse goes, and I’ll likely post my full meal plan at the end of it, too. Have an amazing time during mardi gras! Eat a beignet for me 🙂

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