WIAW #31 Magic Cleanse + Sick Day Edition

You won’t find much in the way of workouts in this edition of What I Ate Wednesday. In fact, you won’t find too much at all because I was only awake for a fraction of the day. But that’s real life, and that’s the point of these weekly Wednesday posts.

I deemed yesterday another sick day. I am determined to kick this sore throat, and I know that lots of rest is the best way to do that. Andrew and I are still cleansing because, as I mentioned yesterday, avoiding gluten, sugar, dairy, and caffeine can only speed up my recovery. I’m eating roughly the same amount that I usually do. If anything, I’m just eating more nutrient-dense foods than usual.

And with that, I present this week’s…

What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday 2/10/15
[Magic Cleanse Edition]

11:40am – AM Smoothie. Banana, frozen blueberries, pineapple, sun warrior vanilla protein powder, macro greens, flaxseed meal, water. It was a good one.

Cleanse Day 3 Smoothie

1:00pm – Begrudgingly, I showered and got dressed to run an errand. The fresh air turned out to be pretty nice…

Blue Sky in Mar Vista

2:00pm – Lunch. Egg salad over spinach with roasted sweet potatoes and cherry tomatoes.

Cleanse lunch Day 2

Holy crap, those cherry tomatoes.

A Side of Cherry Tomatoes

It’s too early for tomatoes, you’re saying, but Andrew and I think these were grown inside. We were too busy eating samples to actually ask the famers’ market vendor. So sweet and juicy.

Oh HI… I see you’ve unrolled my yoga mat and moved my foam roller out of the way. PLEASE, make yourself comfortable.

Cat on a (yoga) mat


5:15pm – I Love Lemon tea.

I Love Lemon tea

It’s so important to drink tons of liquids when you’re sick, but sometimes I get to the point where I feel like I just can’t drink any more water. In those situations, I turn to tea. Somehow, there’s always room for something warm. I think it seeps in between my organs.

7:00pm – PM Smoothie. Half banana, spinach, protein powder, macro greens, frozen acai berries, sunflower seed butter, flaxseed meal, almond milk.

Dinner Smoothie for Day 3 of the cleanse

I went back to check if Kevin was still occupying my yoga mat, and found the other Kevin in his place.

Typical Kevin

Typical Kevins.

Have a great Wednesday, everyone. Happy eating!




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