5 Things I’m Doing To Prepare For My First 5k

In a couple of weeks, Andrew and I are running our first 5k together. While 3.1 miles is a relatively short distance, there are still some things that I’m doing to prepare.


If you knew me in high school, you’d know that running was something I simply did not do. As a dancer, I was specifically instructed by my teachers to “get out of running” in PE because it was so detrimental to long dancer muscles. I also was incredibly slow and would turn beet red by the end of the mile, so I gladly accepted the non-runner status.


Somewhere toward the end of college, my opinions about running started to shift. I began to notice that runners had impressive total-body fitness and not just muscular legs. I also noticed that like most forms of cardio, running was an effective weight loss tool, but was unique in the speed at which it could transform your body. I had always been aware of the large population of people who love running, and I was finally curious to find out what was SO GREAT about it.


thumbs up


After college I predictably took up running, but was way too over-eager about it and had all sorts of (luckily minor) injuries. I’ve since found a balance of running without injury, but it’s because of my shaky history with running that I’m being so deliberate in my 5k “training”.


lace 'em up!

Here are five things I’ve been doing to prepare for a fun, injury-free race…


1. Warm up before every run – This is a no brainer, I definitely don’t want to pull something before I even get to attempt the 5k. I like this warm up.
2. No running on consecutive days – And two days off from running is even better (for me).

put your feet up
3. Always stretch after a run – Immediately. I do these two religiously, and have started making Andrew do them, too.
4. Hydrate prior to running – Hydrate all the time, of course, but specifically before morning runs. I usually prefer to workout in the morning on an empty-with-the-exception-of-bulletproof-coffee stomach, but I can tell a difference when I forget to drink a glass of water along with it.
5. Compression socks on outdoor runs – This one just seems to be working for me, so I am running with it.

compression socks


Have a good almost-Friday!



Question: Have you ever run a race? Am I getting way too excited about a 5k? Probably yes.

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