Hot Chocolate 5k/15k Finisher Mug

Hot Chocolate Race Weekend Recap

Hi friends, how was your weekend? Andrew and I had a fun time in San Diego. We were there for a hot minute, but it was still nice to escape LA for a couple days.


We used Airbnb to rent a one bedroom from a really nice law student in the Gaslamp District of San Diego, right around the corner from Petco Park. The location could not have been more convenient for this particular trip of ours; we were half a block from the 5k starting line, and that is not an exaggeration.


We were also right across the street from Halcyon Cafe/Bar/Lounge. Halcyon won our business for coffee Saturday afternoon, dinner Saturday night, and brunch after the race on Sunday. If you have an appreciation for coffee and/or pizza, it’s worth checking out.


Halcyon Cafe

Halcyon Cafe [Source]


We spent Saturday afternoon shopping around Fifth Street and stopping by the race expo for our bibs and sweatshirts.


Hot Chocolate 5k/15k expo


That guy was pumping up the jams while we tasted every flavor of Nuun energy drink and trick-or-treated for mini Lara Bars.




We were so enthralled by The Jinx on HBO, we brought a laptop with us and finished the final two episodes after an early dinner Saturday night. Fascinating documentary. Everything just builds until that final moment.



Hot Chocolate 5k/15k Recap


Sunday we were up before the sun to get our RUN on. Waking up early is stupid, but it was worth it.


Early Start


It’s actually pretty funny that 15 years ago, running one mile in PE was the single most horrifying thing one might have to do, and I woke up at 5am yesterday to run 3 miles for fun.




The Hot Chocolate 15k/5k was well organized, the volunteers were friendly, and the after-snacks were chocolatey. The lively atmosphere was very welcoming for our first race. There were over 13,000 runners!


Chocolatey Snacks at the Hot Chocolate 5k/15k in San Diego


I finished 134th out of the runners in my age group. I can see now how starting with an accurate idea of your race pace and standing in the appropriate corral before take off can make a big difference during the run. It takes a lot of energy to zig and zag from out behind people who stop to walk or slow down.


Oh, and what they say about races being addicting is absolutely true. I told Andrew I wanted to sign up for a 10k before we even arrived in San Diego for our 5k. And within an hour of getting home yesterday afternoon, I was researching upcoming races in Los Angeles.



Those of you who like to run but have never signed up for a race… Would you ever consider running a 5k? What’s holding you back?Too early start time’ is legit.

Those who love races and run them all… Do you have a favorite LA-based race?  The Disney races look fun, but are expensive and don’t even grant you entry to the park after the race.


Happy Monday.




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