It’s Tuesday, Here’s A Workout

Monday? Check. Tuesday? Working on it.

This is pretty much what my entire day looked like yesterday:

NASM Study Materials

NASM study station, complete with apple slices and a hair brush. This is where I’ll be spending most of my days from now until I take my CPT exam in April. I’m still following my NASM study plan, and I just bought this app to take practice tests on the go. It is officially crunch time.

This is what Kevin’s day looked like:

Sunny Cat Nap

Must be nice.


I definitely wouldn’t be able to sit and study all day; I have a hard time sitting still for 10 minutes. Beyond restless leg body syndrome, my brain simply functions better when I wake it up with a workout. And now that I’m carless, I’m going to be doing a lot more at-home workouts during the week.

Short and sweet, this is the workout that fueled yesterday’s 5-hour study session while toning my glutes, guads, and hip adductors (thighs), all in the comfort of my living room.

180 At-Home Leg Workout

Proper form is important: parallel squats \ alternating side lunges \ rear leg lifts


It’s called the 180 At-Home Leg Workout because you’ll have completed a total of 180 moves by the end of it. The cardio at the end is optional, but recommended. I rounded out my workout with a 4-mile neighborhood run, inspired by the unexpectedly beautiful weather in Mar Vista yesterday.


sunny in mar v

Sorry for bragging, East Coast. 🙂



Question: What’re you guys doing to keep warm on the east coast these days? Any good at-home workouts to share?

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