Spring Forward

Did everyone have a nice weekend? Did anyone else completely forget about daylight savings?


santa monica beach bike ride


We did!

Andrew and I had a visitor staying with us this weekend, so we had a lot of fun running around the city showing him our favorite spots. We hit Rockenwagner for pastries and coffee, rode our bikes into Santa Monica to shop around at the Promenade, ate lunch at SugarFish, dinner at Pitfire Pizza, and made a batch of madeleines. As I type this, I’m realizing how much we packed in to just a few short days. And how many great meals we ate. Maybe it’s time for another cleanse…


cat nap


That batch of madeleines? It was my first attempt and it went pretty well. I learned a few things for next time, though, so I’m holding off on posting a recipe just yet. I love madeleines, so I will definitely try again.





We picked up some strawberries at the farmers’ market yesterday and they were so juicy and sweet. It’s been a while since we’ve seen anything other than oranges, grapefruits, and pears at the market, so we were excited to see something new. Spring is coming!


farmers market strawberries


The weather in LA this weekend felt more like summer than spring, which was awesome for our guest (visiting from London). What was the weather like in your area? Are you noticing any signs of spring?


Have a great Monday.


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