WIAW #34: The Case Of The Unripe Berries

The Case of the Unripe Berries feels like a plot from an episode of The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley. Please tell me you guys remember this show.  If I recall correctly, they promised to solve any crime… by dinner time? And they always delivered, whether it was The Case of the Christmas Caper, The Case of the Hotel Who-Done-It, they solved them all.


Are you ready for a bunch of pictures of food, otherwise known as What I Ate Wednesday? I’ll take that silence as a resounding ‘Yes!’.


What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday 3/3/15


I woke up parched, so I started my day with multiple beverages: bulletproof coffee and lemon water.


coffee and tea


After spending a couple hours working on the blog and some freelance projects, I took a quick break and snacked on some almost ripe raspberries. Sorry, berries, you just aren’t quite there yet. Soon, though!




For lunch, I decided to assemble a wrap using up random food from the fridge. I made tuna salad on Monday, and we had a Trader Joe’s salad that needed to be eaten before its expiration date (today). The Lemon Chicken & Arugula salad didn’t really speak to me, so I pulled out some of the individual ingredients to make a tuna, couscous, and arugula wrap. It was not bad.


Tuna and couscous lunch wrap


After lunch, I settled in to study for the rest of the day, breaking only to snack on some of the best Trader Joe’s trail mix of all time: Happy Trekking mix.


happy trekking trail mix trader joes


In the past, I’ve had trouble controlling myself around this mix, so I’m trying to be on really good behavior right now. Must. Practice. Portion. Control.


happy trekking trail mix


Loving the morning’s hot lemon water, I continued to sip on cold lemon water all day long.


30415 cold lemon water


There might have been a churro muffin in there somewhere, too. (Recipe)


Churro Muffin


Once Andrew got home from work, we laced up and headed out for a workout. Because we end up eating dinner so late on nights that we go to the gym, we didn’t plan anything elaborate. Protein Smoothies are quick and easy, perfect for gym nights. (Banana, mango, strawberries, sun warrior vanilla protein powder, macro greens powder, sunflower seed butter, almond milk. Hemp hearts on top.)


30415 dinner smoothies


A nice cup of chamomile tea to end the night.


30415 chamomile tea


I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s What I Ate Wednesday. If you’re curious to see what others are eating today, you can head over to this blog. Thanks for reading.




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