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WIAW #35: All NASM All The Time

Good morning friends,

How is everyone’s week coming along so far? Is anyone else feeling extremely tired and still missing that hour of sleep that was stolen from us when we sprang forward last weekend? Oh well, I suppose that’s what coffee is for. Just make mine “bulletproof”. 🙂

Speaking of bulletproof coffee, the beverage I consume more consistently than water (almost kidding), let’s dive right into this week’s edition of…

What I Ate Wednesday


For those of you who are new around here (Hello!), What I Ate Wednesday is a weekly post where I overshare everything I ate over the course of one full day. The eats vary greatly from week to week, but what’s consistent is that I don’t edit the menu. What you see in this post is really and truly everything I ate, for better or for worse.

Like so many of these WIAW posts, yesterday started off with a hot mug of…

Bulletproof coffee! Surprise, surprise. What is it about fresh coffee, organic grass-fed butter, and MCT oil that wakes up my brain and keeps me full and focused until lunchtime? You guys are laughing, it’s obviously the butter! #butteroneverything


bulletproof coffee and nasm flashcards


While sipping my coffee, I flipped through my deck of NASM flash cards. It takes a long time to get all the way through the deck since there are 104 cards in total, with anywhere from 4 – 7 terms and/or concepts on each one.

I really shouldn’t complain, seeing as being a good student is practically my full-time job right now. This would be a lot of material to learn while working full-time, but I know people do it, so props to those who do!

It’s also hard to complain when you’ve got these cute little guys to help with the studying.


alpaca erasers


Around 11:30am, I peeled a grapefruit to eat while prepping lunch. And when I say I ‘peeled’ a grapefruit, I mean I really peeled the hell out of it.


red grapefruit, fully peeled


On the lunch menu yesterday was a shredded kale salad with carrots, sunflower seeds, and a heaping scoop of tuna with a couple pieces of cheese on top for good measure. It was good and quite filling.


kale salad with tuna


And now I’m cracking up because the cheese on top totally looks like butter. #butteroneverything

I spent some more time studying after lunch until Andrew was ready to take an afternoon walk, around 3pm. It’s always so nice to take a break and get outside for even just a few minutes. It helps keep my brain awake and focused on long study days.

When I got back, I washed and cut up a few more deliciously ripe strawberries from our farmers’ market stash.


farmers market strawberries


And then studied some more…

I finally closed my books when Andrew got home from work. We drove to LA Fitness for a gym date, where I completed most of this arm circuit (the gym was crazy busy and half the free weights were missing) followed by some sprints on the treadmill.

We threw together a couple quick acai smoothie bowls for dinner when we got home, and called it a night!


acai smoothie bowl


Now I’m off to bake some cookies to take to a friend of mine who just became a new mom!

Have a great Wednesday 🙂


Question: What’s something that you eat every single day? I’m guessing the number one answer to this one is ‘coffee’.


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6 thoughts to “WIAW #35: All NASM All The Time”

  1. I pretty much daily have some wintergreen mints … or egg whites and veggies. Or sweet potatoes. I can’t live without my sweet potatoes! Your salad looks so good – I love cheese with tuna 🙂 Thanks for sharing your WIAW – it’s always so fun to see what others eat and share my own (though this week was somewhat boring with me being sick).

    1. I’m sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. I see that your sweet tooth doesn’t disappear when you’re under the weather either! Whenever I’m sick, there’s always still room for ice cream (and peanut butter, for that matter)! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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