WIAW #36: St. Patrick’s Day Edition

Good morning!

I had big plans for a day full of green food at every meal, but then we made an executive decision to change up the meal plan… Our dinner may not have been very green, but it did sort of resemble a rainbow. Does that count?

What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday 3/17/15


8:00am – Bulletproof coffee, breakfast of champions.


bulletproof coffee


By the time I finished my coffee, I had published yesterday’s post, responded to a handful of emails, accepted two freelance assignments, and started a load of laundry. The early-morning productivity was a good change after Monday, which was so stiflingly hot that I felt too lethargic to get much done other than studying.


Mid-morning, I broke for an at-home workout that will be up on the blog tomorrow. It was a good one.




12:00pm – Avocado and almond butter & banana toasts with a side of leftover pasta from our anniversary dinner at Scopa. Scopa, by the way, was good but did not dethrone our favorite Italian restaurant in town, Centanni.


toast butts


3:30pm – Strawberries




4:45pm – Hazelnuts, almonds, and dark chocolate chips. I try not to keep too many sweets in the house because I can’t be trusted, so when I’m really craving something sweet and snacky, I have to get creative.


snack mix: hazelnuts, almonds, dark chocolate chips


7:45pm – For dinner, Andrew and I had shrimp kabobs with peppers, onions + pineapple and a side of rice.





After dinner, Andrew and I made some tea




…And got comfortable on the couch. We watched the first episode of Jinx, the HBO documentary series that’s been in the news recently for exposing a serial killer from the 80’s and 90’s. It’s so interesting! Is anyone else watching?


Have a great day!



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    1. Based on the first episode alone, I’d say yes! For whatever reason, I always find serial killers fascinating, and Robert Durst is no exception. Plus, it’s HBO so the story telling is really good.

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