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WIAW #37: CPR + All The Standards

Good morning!


I’m writing to you today with a new certification under my belt. No, I’m not NASM certified just yet, but as of last night, I am CPR-certified. And technically, that’s the first step toward my personal training certification. The certification course I took last night was held in Santa Monica from 6-9pm. Obviously, the course was scheduled to accommodate 9-to-5ers, but it kind of threw off my meal schedule. Ahem, just saying.


CPR training class


The class was exactly what you picture when you think of CPR training, plastic dummy torsos scattered around the room. The dummies are a little sterile, but they are an effective learning tool. I really do feel capable of performing CPR now, but fingers crossed that I’ll never need to.


What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW)


It’s been a little while, so here’s a quick recap of what WIAW is all about: On Wednesdays, I post a bunch of pictures of food share everything that I ate for an entire day, from the time I woke up until the time I went to sleep. I keep these posts completely unedited, for better or for worse, because at least for me, the most interesting part of a person’s meal log is what they eat between the standard breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


I’ve pretty much been a fan of WIAW ever since I discovered that I’m not the only one who puts chocolate chips on a spoonful of sunflower seed butter and calls it a snack. WIAW is all about snack-acceptance.  




I was up early to prep yesterday’s post, update my iPod for the gym, and down a hot cup of bulletproof coffee before hopping in the car to drop Andrew off at work. I honestly don’t miss having a car at all, but it was fun to have full reign of the Hyundai yesterday.




After dropping Andrew off, I made a stop at LA Fitness, and thoroughly enjoyed an empty daytime gym. All of the weights were in their proper places, which is not always the case. I completed an upper body workout followed by about 30 minutes of sprints on the treadmill.


workout notes


As soon as I got home, I finished off Andrew’s leftover smoothie to tide me over until lunch. I also finished up and published yesterday’s post before showering and starting to think about lunch.


mini smoothie


Knowing that I’d be having an early dinner, I opted for a lighter lunch. I blended some protein powder, macro greens, banana, strawberries, and water into a protein smoothie, which I had with some leftover salad.


protein shake and a salad


Around 2:30pm, I needed a snack and pulled out a couple Sun Butter Oat Balls (recipe). If you look closely, you can see my nature leggings.


sun butter oat balls #nobake #glutenfree


When dinnertime rolled around, in this case it was around 5 o’clock, I wanted something easy and filling. I decided to go with BFD (breakfast for dinner) in the form of a broccoli & kale egg scramble. I could eat this meal every single day. I love it.


veggie scramble


When I got home from CPR class, the wind outside was gusting like crazy. It was pretty eerie, so I closed the windows and made some hot chocolate. Wind problem solved.


Trader Joe's sipping chocolate


Yesterday was a pretty typical day in terms of meals for me. Dinner may have been unusually early, but ever since college when I lived in a sorority house and dinner was served at 5 o’clock, I’ve liked eating dinner on the earlier side.


And now I’m already thinking about what’s for dinner tonight… Have a great Wednesday!




Do you prefer an early dinner or late dinner? I absolutely prefer to eat an earlier dinner. I really dislike the feeling of still being full when I go to bed. On the other hand, Friday or Saturday nights, I’m all about the late dinner, assuming there are a couple of appetizers and cocktails beforehand.



As always, you can get some food inspiration and see what others eat all day long, over on Peas & Crayons and Sprint 2 The Table. Cheers!


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    1. It’s all about finding what works for you and your schedule. I know that snacking becomes a BIG problem for me if I go too long between lunch and dinner!

    1. The oat balls travel extremely well, my husband has been eating them at work all week. And you could even customize them with your husband’s favorite ingredients 🙂

    1. I say go for it. In California, the weather is rarely so bad that I can’t get where I need to go by walking, and then there’s always Uber!

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