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100 Best Books of the Decade So Far

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A bit of a different post for you guys this morning… I don’t write about books very often on here, but I do love to read. #readingrainbow

Almost every night, Andrew and I read for about half an hour before going to bed. I’ll read just about anything, but love a good science fiction novel (Foundation series is a favorite) and anything on nutrition or fitness (Bulletproof Diet Book, Born to Run). Andrew alternates between science fiction and books on finance, although at the moment he’s reading Calvin and Hobbes.:)

The genres we read may vary, but the habit of reading before bed is one that has stuck. Reading before bed is my favorite way to transition away from all of our “daytime screens” (TV, laptops, etc). I do my reading on a kindle, so technically that’s still a screen, but I keep it dim. No matter what I’m reading, I’m guaranteed to be sound asleep within 30 minutes, if that.

So when I saw that the Oyster had released their list of the 100 Best Books of the Decade So Far, I quickly clicked over to check it out.


Of the 100 books on the list, I’ve only read a few…

A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan – A fun, light read with quirky characters. I remember enjoying it, but not much else.

The Goldfinch by Donna Tart – Excellent! Highly recommended. I was enthralled by this book. Tart’s second book, The Secret History, is also pretty good.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn – I might be alone on this, but I… hated it. And the movie, too. Sorry Gillian.

The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls – This book is not on the list, but I’d add it if I could. I loved this book so much and recommend it to all of my friends. It’s a true story and while it’s not meant to be funny, per se, it’s hilarious and absurd and you should just read it.


Here are the books I’m adding to my To-Read list…

The Unnamed by Joshua Ferris – I’m a sucker for psychology memoirs and this one sounds fascinating.

People Who Eat Darkness by Richard Lloyd Parry – Crime drama, looks intriguing.

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart – This was already on my list, now officially confirmed.

Gulp by Mary Roach – This has also been on my list for some time now.

Open City by Teju Cole – Ranked #1 on the list, so I can’t not add it to mine.

Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed – From the same author who wrote Wild, a compilation of newspaper advice column articles. Looks like a fun read.


If you click through to the complete list, you can access a synopsis for each book. I have a feeling I’ll be referencing this list for months to come.


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Question: What’s the last really great book that you read?  


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    1. Hah! It’s true. It does take a long time to get through a book, even reading 30 minutes a night. And of course, there are some nights where I only make it about 5 minutes before I’m out 🙂

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