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Birthday Week Favorites: Flowers, Fish, Candy (and more candy)

Hi guys!

What a great week this has been. I’m feeling very grateful and loved after turning 28 on Wednesday. Andrew has the day off from work today, so our weekend starts… now. Let’s kick it off with my favorite post to write:


Friday #Favorites



I haven’t bought flowers in a while because I’ve been focusing all of my attention on my orchid, but Andrew came home on Wednesday with a huge beautiful bouquet, which I broke up into 3 small arrangements to spread around the house.

bday fleurs

I LOVE plants, and my old apartment was full of them. Cats, though, don’t always do so well with certain types of plants (especially flowers), so I’ve had to reign it in a little on the flower-front. There are still plants all over, just fewer than there would be if we didn’t have the Kevins.


Fun with the GoPro

Last weekend, Andrew and I tested out the new GoPro on a bike ride, which is a perfect use for a GoPro. This week, however, I’ve been utilizing the HD video camera in a completely new and unique way: cat videos.

Cats on the GoPro

Cats on the Internet? How novel!


Sugar Fish

The only thing better than a birthday meal of warm rice, melt in your mouth fish, and the best ponzu sauce in the world (used only where applicable) at Sugar Fish would be a FREE birthday meal at Sugar Fish.

Sugar Fish

I’ve mentioned Sugar Fish many times on the blog before, and all you really need to know is that it is a must visit for sushi lovers if you’re ever in LA. Don’t ask questions, just go. Order the “Trust Me”. Trust me.


Bubbie’s Bread & Butter Pickles

I’m in a pickle phase right now and I’m not sorry. These tiny sweet pickles are good on their own, and even better on a tuna sandwich. I’m hooked.

Bread and Butter Pickles

I didn’t realize until taking this picture how much of a dent we’ve put in that jar. It might almost be time for a refill.


Stitch Fix April Delivery

This fun surprise showed up on my birthday.

april stitch fix delivery

I’ll post a full review of this month’s fix next week, but I’m sorry to say this box was (mostly) full of misses for me. So far, even when the items inside haven’t been favorites, the fun of trying on a handful of new clothes in the comfort of my own home has been worth it. And they weren’t all misses.


Neil deGrasse Tyson on Twitter

neil degrasse tyson twitter

A highly intelligent astrophysicist with a wealth of fun facts and the occasional hilarious joke. I’ve been a huge fan of Neil’s ever since he hosted Cosmos (loved that show). It’s nice to have tweets like this one to break up all of the workout recaps and gluten free recipes that mostly dominate my Twitter feed. #science


Goat’s milk caramels

Goats Milk Caramel

Andrew and I found these in a little boutique along Abbot Kinney over the weekend, and have been trying to ration them ever since. They’re made with goat’s milk (duh), which is great because it means Andrew can eat them without any lactose concerns. The maple cream flavor is insanely good, and we might have to go back to try the other two flavors, which I believe were chai and cocoa latte. The packaging is also adorable and that counts for a lot.


Robin’s Eggs Easter candy – Did you guys know these are just mini whoppers?? I was pretty sure I didn’t like whoppers, like fairly certain, but it turns out that I didn’t really know what whoppers were because I’m all about these little easter egg chocolates.

Robin Eggs

Do I have a sugar tooth this week or what.


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Happy Easter, Happy Passover, and Happy Weekend.



Question: What’s your favorite kind of candy?


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 [Photo source: sushi]

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