Bouncing Back From Birthday

Good morning!

Did any of you witness any tom-foolery yesterday? Per usual, I did more prank pulling than prank receiving. I won’t get into it, but I pulled a pretty hilarious prank on Andrew that he did not see coming.

Yesterday was a rest day on the workout front, and in the eating department… let’s just say it could have been a little cleaner and a little greener. My whole foods, no rules diet includes a no guilt clause, though, so you better believe I enjoyed every bite of sprinkle covered waffle, pound cake, and sushi.




As soon as this post goes live, I’m out the door for to sweat my butt off in a spin class and then soak it out in the outdoor gym jacuzzi. Something tells me everyone reading this at work just rolled their eyes at me, and I don’t blame you guys! I’m just trying to live it up while I can. As soon as I pass my CPT exam (positive thoughts), the pressure will be on to find a real job again. And to be fair, I’m sure I’ll be flipping through flash cards while I’m in the hot tub. #nothingcooler


Come to think of it, I did get pranked yesterday. The Starbucks barista really got me good when he pretended not to be impressed by my new gold Starbucks card. Well played, you sly dog.



Question: Did you get pranked yesterday? Or were you the one pulling all the pranks?

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