Certified And It Feels So Good

Well if you follow me on Instagram, you already know…


I passed my personal training certification exam! Hallelujah!


Los Angeles is a really big city, and I only had a couple of testing centers to choose from, so I was really surprised that I was the only one at my location (the Cal America Education Institute) taking the NASM cPT exam. There were three other test-takers in my room, and while I don’t know exactly which tests they were taking, I am certain that they were not taking the NASM exam.


Long story short, after 120 questions and an hour of brain work, I passed the test. I am so appreciative that they give you your results immediately. Instant gratification. And relief. And excitement. So many emotions and no phone to share them with! (No phones, purses, paper, snacks, or even water were allowed in the testing facility. Seriously. Those items had to stay locked in the trunk of my car.)




For the handful of you readers who are current NASM students or soon-to-be NASM students, I am planning to post a full test recap outlining what I saw on the test and what I wish I had spent more time studying. I’ll be honest, the test was not super easy and there were some question that I was surprised to see. I was grateful that prior to the test, Andrew and I had figured out the exact number of questions I could miss and still pass.


Now it’s time to pack up all of my highlighters, alpacas, flashcards, and coloring books. I’m on the fence about selling my text book. Originally, I was sure I’d sell it, but now I’m thinking it’s a pretty good resource to have around.


NASM materials #NASM #CPT


Oh, and that that big obvious question of What Will I Do Now?


I’ll… get to that in good time. There are a lot of possibilities on the table right now and I’m not planning to rush into anything. Right now, I think I’ll spend the day (coloring and) catching up on all of the emails and responsibilities I’ve avoided while studying for these past couple of weeks. Thanks for putting up with all of this NASM-business. Your readership is much appreciated. 🙂



Question: When is the last time you were without your phone for a significant period of time?  

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