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Food & Fitness Weekend Highlights

Good morning, friends.

I hope all of your weekends were fabulous. Ours was productive, relaxing, and fun. I’ve got a busy day of studying ahead, so I’m just going to share a couple food and fitness-related highlights before hitting the books.


Grilling Season Has Begun

Friday night, Andrew and I walked over to Corner Door with a friend of ours for dinner. They had just done a menu refresh, so it was fun to try a bunch of new items. We ate a lot of good food that night, but I think the best thing I ate all weekend was one of Andrew’s homemade burgers.

Burger Season

He started with his turkey burger recipe, and swapped out turkey for organic, grass-fed ground beef plus some other fun ingredients like grated onion, cheddar cheese, and roasted red peppers. Sandwiched between thin buns and with pickles on top, these were delicious.


Fun with Fruit

These kiwis that Andrew and I bought at Sprouts on Saturday aren’t even ripe yet, but I had to share because I’ve never seen such creative advertising for fruit before.

Fun Kiwis

Whole foods like fruits and vegetables rarely get any assistance in the marketing department, so I was impressed to see kiwis stepping up their game.


Primal Yoga with Liz Arch

The main highlight of my weekend was a primal yoga class I took Sunday morning in Santa Monica. (If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a picture of me with the lovely instructor and founder of Primal Yoga, Liz Arch.) Liz partnered with Mind Body Green, Beaming, an organic juice bar, and Athleta to offer a free in-store yoga class at the Santa Monica Promenade.

41315 athleta store

Good job getting my thumb in there, eh?

I was completely new to Primal Yoga going into the class – I honestly just signed up for the class because it was a) free, b) three days before my NASM exam so a yoga class sounded like a good idea, and c) everyone that attended got a free tote bag – but I really liked it.

Crumpled Yoga Mat

Primal Yoga is much faster paced than a normal yoga class, and includes martial arts inspired movements, poses, and cardio bursts in the form of rapid-fire high kicks that will have you sweating. Liz has an extensive yoga background, which is evident because despite the new takes on some of the warrior poses, she still packs in plenty of breathing, stretching and downward facing dog to satisfy the die-hard yogis. Liz teaches at various locations on the west side of LA, and all of her info can be found on her website.

The class was also great in the same way that running a 5k was great: I was surrounded by like minded people who were there for the same reasons I was. Everyone was friendly and in a good mood and excited to try something new. I quickly made friends with a girl sitting next to me and found out that she also recently left her job (in New York) to move out to LA and pursue a career in fitness. I obviously forgot her name immediately, but that’s beside the point. 🙂


Usually, weekend workouts happen on Saturday morning and Sunday ends up turning into a rest day, so it was nice to switch things up this week. It really is the little things, huh? I hope your Monday is off to a great start. I’ll see you back here tomorrow.



Question: What’s your favorite type of yoga? Have you ever tried any alternative types? Kevin has been really into sleep yoga lately.

Sleep Yoga



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