Friday Favorites #19 When Less Is More

Howdy Ho!

It is Friday (yess!) and Andrew has the day off (double yess!) so I’m taking the day off, too. So much yes! But before we pack up and head out to the gym – yes we work out on our day off because working out should be fun! – I wanted to talk about this week’s…

 Friday #Favorites


I’m sure no one will be surprised to see that passing my NASM CPT exam is the top item on my list of Friday Favorites, but this week it’s also the only item (aside from some links from around the web).

This whole week was a big blur of flashcards, coffee, short workouts, and more coffee. So today’s favorites all center around test day. There are only three, but sometimes less is more.


The shirt that undoubtedly brought me good luck on my test…




Seeing the word PASS on the document that made it all official…




The cookie that I ate afterward as a reward…


urth cafe cookie #FFAVORITES

Seriously, those Urth Cafe cookies are the best.


Links from around the web:

 Anna Kendrick Seeks Pitch-Perfect Balance of Work, Workouts, and Sleep [LA Times] It’s all about finding a balance.

These seem like a fun way to keep workouts interesting [This Is Why I’m Broke]

15 Healthy Banana Bread Recipes To Try [Ambition Kitchen] I’ve had banana bread on the brain for a few weeks now, and this compilation post is not helping.


Ok, enough about me. What were some of YOUR favorites from the week?



As always, you can see what others are loving on this fine Friday over on Heather’s blog.



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