Six Months Later, My Favorite NASM Study Tools


It seems like all I do these days is study. I’m studying like it’s my job, people! That would be great, actually… to get paid to study. I feel like I could excel as a professional student.

Because I have scrambled eggs for brains my brain is full to the brim with personal training knowledge right now and can’t possibly think about anything else, I thought we could talk about studying!  Several months ago, I did a post on my NASM study plan, and today’s post will serve as a follow-up to that one, focusing on the study tools that I’ve come to love over the past 6 months.


My Favorite NASM Study Tools via


Highlighters & Alpaca Erasers – The highlighters highlight all the important info and keep me awake with their bright colors. The alpaca erasers literally serve no purpose other than making me happy because come on, they’re really cute.

Highlighters & Alpacas #nasm #studytools


Flashcards – Flashcards are my everything. I made a preliminary set of 5x7s as I went through the book chapter by chapter, and have since made a second set of 4x6s as part of my review process.

Flashcards #nasm #studytoolsPut me on an elliptical with a set of flashcards and I could learn just about anything.

Study Station #nasm #studytools


Notebook – I’m a writer, not a typer (typist?). Ok so I type all the time. But if I really want something to sink in, I need to write it out by hand.

Notebook #nasm #studytools


Sticky Flags – These little guys make the best bookmarks and it’s nice that they remove easily and don’t leave a sticky residue because I’d like to sell my textbook someday.

Sticky Flags #nasm #studytools


Coloring Books – My Human Anatomy coloring book has been a legitimately useful tool as I’ve tried to learn all of the muscles in the body.

Human Body Coloring Book #nasm #studytools

Human Body Coloring Book #nasm #studytools

My Enchanted Forest coloring book has also served an important purpose: stress-reliever.

Enchanted Forest Coloring Book


Upward Mobility NASM Personal Trainer Exam Prep App – Over the course of the past six months, I’ve tried out several CPT exam prep apps (both NASM-affiliated and not) and this is the best one I’ve found. It wasn’t free, but the $5.99 was worth it. In recent weeks, it’s become my most valuable study tool.

Upward Mobility NASM Exam Prep App #nasm #studytools


Kevin & Kevin – Have done very little to help me study, other than keep my lap warm. But that’s still something.

cat nap


So those are all of my most-used study materials. If you are in the process of studying for your certification, or have already taken and passed the exam, please feel free to share some of your favorite study materials in the comments below!


Wow. I never really noticed how colorful all of my study materials were until now. Well, that’s not true; I noticed yesterday when some highlighters snuck into a shot of Andrew’s birthday jam bars. I thought it was cute that the rainbow highlighters matched the rainbow sprinkles.

birthday jam bars

Have a lovely Tuesday, everyone.



6 thoughts to “Six Months Later, My Favorite NASM Study Tools”

  1. not sure how the NASM book is set up (all I study for is unnecessary degrees with debatable professional potential), but as a fellow writer-studier, when I’m really ready for review I go through the synopsis of each chapter i’ve studied and write them out, verbatim, according to how the book summarizes it. sometimes those intro/review pages are easy to skip over, but reading and then writing them can help bring related concepts together chronologically. good luck!

    1. Wow. That is an amazing idea. Might just be the perfect way to spend my last day of studying. Thanks for the tip, friend!

  2. I’m with you… I LOVE studying and miss being in school pretty often! Same here with writing things out.. it really makes all the difference for me. And thanks for finally pushing me over the edge to buy an adult coloring book! I keep seeing them at the book store and thinking about getting them…now it’s time to bite the bullet!

    1. I highly recommend an adult coloring book! What better way to relieve stress than with a little creative expression? I say go for it!

  3. I passed the NASM exam last year and you’ll do great! I used Memosyne ( to create flashcards in addition to handwritten ones. I felt that writing and typing everything out really helped me understand things. There is so much information in that book that I know it can be really overwhelming. Good luck with the test!

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