Weekend Highlights + A Goal for the Week Ahead

Good morning…



Did everyone have a nice weekend? Andrew and I had a fun, mellow weekend and I’m currently trying to get used to the fact that it’s almost May. Where has the time gone?





Saturday morning started with a strength workout at LA Fitness, focusing on lower body and core. The full circuit took me about 30 minutes, not including 15 minutes of sprints that I tacked on at the end. It was a solid workout (I’m still feeling it), so I’ll have it up on the blog this week.




The highlight of our Saturday was a fun night of bowling with friends to belatedly celebrate Andrew’s birthday.




An old bowling alley down the street from us in Mar Vista was recently renovated and reopened as “Bowlero”, a flashy, club-like bowling hot spot so we had to check it out.


before the rush


Bowlero is brand new, and still working out some kinks in terms of service and noise level, but our group had a ton of fun bowling a couple of games.




Fun times for sure, but I think if I go back it’ll be a Sunday afternoon or sometime when it’s a little quieter and less expensive.





Sunday was devoted to another round of spring cleaning, with a focus on rugs. We actually rented a Rug Doctor from Home Depot to do some deep carpet cleaning. It. was. thrilling.


rug doctor


Looks clean though, right?




After a month of celebrating birthdays with meals out, baked goods, and other sweet treats, I’m ready for a week of clean eating. This week’s goal is to cool it on the sugar and starchy carbs. That should be doable. 🙂





Question: What was the highlight of your weekend?

How’re your new year’s resolutions doing? Still on track or long forgotten?

[source: bowlero photo]

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