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Full Body Strength + Cardio Workout

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It’s Thursday, how’s everybody feeling? Ready for the long weekend? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Well, if the rowdy crowd that packs into LA Fitness every Thursday night is any indication, I’d say tonight is a gym night for many of you.

This full body workout was designed to get you in and out of a busy gym in under 30 minutes. It combines compound resistance exercises with short bursts of cardio for an elevated heart rate and continuous calorie burn. The only equipment you’ll need is a pair of 5-10 lb dumbbells, and if you have a pair on hand, you could even do this workout at home.


full body strength + cardio workout


Tips & Videos for proper form:


Jumping Jacks + Floor Tap: Just like it sounds, you’ll do the ‘out’ of a jumping jack as normal, and on the ‘in’ you’ll come to a crouching position to tap the floor.


Bent Over Row + Triceps Extension: Be sure to keep your shoulders down and back flat.


Plank Jacks: Your hands and upper body are in plank, but your legs are doing jumping jacks.


Side Plank Dip + Leg Lift: Keep the core tight to help balance and stabilize during the movement.


Crab Hoppers: Get into position to do triceps dips in a crab position, keeping the elbows slightly bent lift one leg up to 90 degrees and hop onto that leg so that the other leg comes up to 90 degrees. Apparently I made these up because I can’t find a video anywhere.


Squat + Overhead Press: Perform a full squat with feet pointed straight ahead. At the top of the squat, extend up into an overhead press, being careful not to arch the lower back or raise the shoulders.


Squat Jumps: Love these.


Front Lunge + Biceps Curl: Just like it sounds, perform a front lunge and add a biceps curl while in the forward position, before returning to standing. Change sides to complete one rep.


Mountain Climbers: Another classic cardio movement.


Let me know if you give this workout a try. Have a wonderful rest of your Thursday, and I’ll see you back here tomorrow!


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