WIAW #44 Fruit Favorites & Montreal Treats

Good morning, sunshines.

After taking two days off from blogging, I’m back and ready to dive right in with Wednesday’s regularly scheduled programming.

If you’re new around here (hello!), on Wednesdays I share a rundown of one full day’s meals, snacks, and everything in between. Then I link it up with a bunch of other bloggers doing the same exact thing, in an attempt to overflow the interwebs with pictures of food snack ideas, new recipes, and general food inspiration. We call this What I Ate Wednesday. Shall we?


9am – I cut up a couple of small nectarines for Andrew and I to share before even thinking about coffee. It’s obvious that I’ve been away, or out of my normal routine, when I forget about the coffee. Coffee is always first around here.


farmers' market nectarines #WIAW


9:01am – Bulletproof coffee tastes even more amazing than usual after going a week without it.


bulletproof coffee #WIAW

I swear I’m not a paid representative for Bulletproof Coffee. Although at this point they really should be paying me; I tell everyone that will listen just how much I love it.


While I was away, Andrew was also traveling. He started out in Chicago, and ended up adding a trip to Montreal onto his itinerary. Knowing Andrew’s deep love for Montreal bagels, it came as no surprise when he pulled a fresh bag out of our freezer yesterday morning.


10am – A bagel with a couple fried eggs on top served as a delicious and hearty breakfast for the day.


montreal bagels #WIAW


After running a bunch of errands, I washed some cherries to snack on. Cherries are some of my favorite fruits, but they don’t last very long at the farmers’ market so I buy them whenever I see them.


cherries #WIAW


Bagels were not the only surprise Andrew brought back with him from Montreal. He also came home with a box of beautiful french macaroons! It’s hard not to polish them all off in one sitting, but at the same time, they don’t last too long in the fridge. So we’ve been slowly making our way through the box, sharing each one because we both want to try all the fun flavors.


pistacchio macaroon #WIAW

So far, pistacchio (green) has been my favorite.


A glass of wine while making dinner…


wine #WIAW


And some edamame to snack on, as well.


edamame #WIAW


8pm – For dinner, Andrew grilled some Hawaiian boneless short ribs (hello red meat, it’s been a while but you smell amazing) and I made a farro salad to go with them.


boneless short ribs and farro salad #WIAW


Unsurprisingly, we ended up finishing off the macaroons (strawberry and coffee) for dessert while catching up on Mad Men.


strawberry and coffee macaroons #WIAW

I can’t believe there’s only one episode left.


It’s almost time for me to get ready for work, so I better sign off. I hope you enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!



Question: Which type of macaroon/macaron do you prefer? Chewy coconut-y macarons? Or delicate french macaroons? 


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