1,000 Things I’m Grateful For (OK Just 50)

Hey there!

I’m trying something a little different this Friday. Rather than naming all of my favorite foods, workouts, cats, and flowers, I thought I’d take a minute to express some gratitude.

The other day, I was soaking in some sun on our patio in an almost meditative state. It was so nice; I just felt lucky to be alive. (It was also post-workout so I’m sure my endorphin levels were through the roof.) I decided to see if I could list 10 things I was grateful for. I easily came up with 10, and by the time I got to 30 realized I should start writing them down. So I did. Here goes…



I am grateful for…

1. My health
2. My husband’s health
3. The health of both of our families
4. My husband’s great relationship with his family
5. That my husband has such an awesome family
6. Living not too far from either family
7. My siblings
8. My parents
9. Having a husband and family who supported my decision to quit my job
10. Having had a 6 month break from working full-time
11. Accomplishing a lot in 6 months
12. Not feeling pressured to accomplish anything in 6 months
13. My relationship with Andrew
14. Everything about Andrew
15. Andrew’s work ethic, humility, professionalism, open mindedness, and sense of humor
16. Sharing hobbies with Andrew
17. Getting a good education
18. Job opportunities
19. Mentors
20. Good neighbors
21. Amazing girl friends
22. Access to good farmers’ markets
23. Access to plenty of healthy and organic foods
24. A financial situation that allows me to buy all of the healthy, organic farmers’ market foods
25. My dance background
26. Living in a free country that lets me say (pretty much) whatever the heck I want on the Internet
27. My current job
28. My current work schedule (there’s nothing better than NOT being the first one to have to get out of bed in the morning, sorry Andrew)
29. My lack of food allergies
30. Kevin & Kevin
31. Easy access to hiking trails and bike paths
32. Easy access to the beach (and free beach concerts)
33. LA friends
34. Yvette, our farmers’ market fruit lady
35. Farmers’ market fruit
36. A love of cooking
37. A healthy relationship with food
38. A strong, injury-free body
39. The Southern California beachy climate that makes my plants so happy and healthy
40. Beautiful sunny Southern California weather
41. Living in a health conscious community
42. Skype and other technologies that bridge long distances
43. Coffee
44. Services like Uber and Lyft that make not having a car very doable
45. Weekends in general
46. Fridays even
47. Sleeping and my ability to sleep easily
48. Did I mention Andrew yet?
49. This blog and the outlet it provides me
50. YOU GUYS – I’m amazed that there are people out there who read this blog daily by choice

Thank you.


Question: What are you thankful for?

2 thoughts to “1,000 Things I’m Grateful For (OK Just 50)”

    1. It really is amazing how much a little gratitude can change the outlook of your day. Definitely a habit worth getting into 🙂

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