Gone Fishing…

Last week I shared some news that Andrew and I had accepted jobs in the Bay Area and would be leaving LA this summer. In order to work in the Bay Area, we need to live in the Bay Area, and it’s frustratingly difficult to conduct a house hunt from afar.

So this weekend, Andrew and I have a mission: find a place to live. The plan is already in action and we’re currently on our way up to San Jose, where we need to:

a) Get a general lay of the land (land = 10 mile radius from work)
b) Determine the best city/neighborhood to live in (we have about 4 target areas and countless criteria for what makes an area “the best”)
c) View as many apartments, condos, and houses as possible (we have 5+ appointments booked)
d) Sign a lease, if possible

At least to me, signing a lease on a home after just two days of in-person recon sounds pretty crazy, but the fact is that it has to happen. So fingers crossed it all works out!

Before I go, I wanted to leave you with some Friday Favorites because a Friday on the road is still a Friday.

Friday Favorites

The Kevins

Even thought our apartment is a total Box City right now and the clutter should be driving me crazy, the Kevins have been having such a blast with all the boxes that I can’t help but see the humorous, not-so-terrible side of all this packing.

61915 king of the boxes

What’s funny is that the moment we pull out even a tiny suitcase, they both go into fear-of-abandonment frenzies, but while we slowly pack up our entire apartment, they’re having the time of their lives jumping in and out of boxes of varying sizes.

61915 sam in a box

Thanks for being the silver linings of the situation, Kev (and Kev).


The Apartmenternet

I find the Jeff Goldblum commercials for Apartments.com to be pretty great on their own, but the site has actually been a huge help during the moving process so far.


I love that you can draw your own search area (or “polygon”) directly onto the map, and then turn on or off little markers that show coffee shops, grocery stores, restaurants, schools, and fitness centers.

The app is actually just as good, if not better, than the site because I’ll be able to access my list of saved properties along with all of the contact info for each one on my phone as we drive around this weekend. You can even call a listing directly from the app. It’s a seriously well thought out service.

Andrew would be the first to tell you that I really have, on multiple occaisions, professed my love for Jeff Goldblum the Apartments.com app.


Fitbit’s Customer Service

The clip on my Fitbit recently broke, and all it took was a quick email to Fitbit for them to send me a free replacement clip.

61915 broken fitbit

Thanks guys!


Roku TV

I can’t not include this last one… Andrew and I have a Roku TV at home, and we love it. The interface is more intuitive than I’ve seen on other similar devices like Apple TV or Google Chromecast, and the remote is so tiny and simple. I think that Roku TVs, and the remotes in particular, are perfectly suited for older adults who aren’t the biggest fans of technology because it’s such a simple, well made product. My parents bought a Roku TV after seeing and using the one in our house.

61915 rokutv

Anywho! A few months back I participated in a testimonial video about how much I loved our Roku TV and it’s now ON AIR in Best Buys all around the country. So you can go hang out with my face, if you want. 🙂


Ok guys, I’ve got to run. Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend.



Question: What have you been loving this week?

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