Out Of Office Reply (Summer Vacation)

As you read this, Andrew and I are busy traipsing around the Grand Canyon, where we’re camping for the week. Temperatures in the canyon are currently in the “tropical” 110 – 115 degrees range, so I’m anticipating a pretty substantial water-weight loss over the next few days, and a killer tan at the very least.

Assuming we make it out of the canyon alive, we’re planning to ease back into civilization by spending a few days in mellow Las Vegas before heading home in time for the 4th. Needless to say, things will be a bit quiet on the blog-front this week…


Note: I find that the optimal time to take a vacation is approximately two days after you’ve started a new job. Bosses love it.



Enjoy the week, friends. May your commutes be mild and your offices boss-less. Happy 4th of July!




Question: In your opinion, should I be more worried about the July-in-Arizona heat, the steep downhill hiking trails, or the scorpions? All of the above?


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