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Summer Training Lower Body Workout

Andrew and I have a busy summer ahead of us, and one of the things I’m looking forward to most is a camping trip we’re taking in July. The campsite where we’re staying is in a pretty spectacular location, but the price of entry is a fairly serious 10 mile hike in 100 degree weather to reach it. Needless to say, our training starts now (well technically, it started Sunday).

For the next month, Andrew and I will be training our endurance with daily cardio and lower body strength with additional leg days at the gym. The Baldwin Hills stair hike that we did this past weekend was a perfect combination of endurance and strength training, so we’re planning to knock that particular hike/climb out several more times before our trip.


Yesterday’s Workout

After yesterday’s shift at the gym, I stuck around to complete the following lower body circuit 3 full times, and ran some sprints on the treadmill afterward to round it out.


Summer Training (Lower Body) Workout


Form Cues

Deadlifts – Stand with feet shoulders-width apart and pointing straight ahead. Holding your weight of choice with straight arms, bend at the waist to lower to weight to the ground, maintaining a flat back the entire time. Squeeze your glutes (butt) to return to a standing position.

Squats – Starting with feet shoulder-width apart, bend your knees and lower your butt back into a sitting position with your chest lifted. Your knees should be in line with your second and third toes, and not extend forward past the tips of your toes. Keep your weight in your heels and you return to a standing position.

Walking Lunges – Take a big step forward and lunge down (front knee should not bend past your front toes and back knee should be a few inches from the floor). Push off the back leg to come to a standing position and then use that same leg to step forward into another lunge to complete one full repetition.

Calf raises – Stand with feet hip-width apart, toes straight ahead, shoulders down, neutral spine (no arch in your back) and hands on hips. Slowly raise up on onto the balls of your feet and lower back down. That’s one repetition.


Call me crazy, but I think it’s fun to be in training mode. I feel like there is a greater purpose behind each of my workouts.

…Even if that purpose is simply the fear of falling into the Grand Canyon.



Question: What are you training for right now?

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