Three Words Per Picture

Good weekend, friends?

It’s Monday, so let’s not get bogged down with too many words. Here’s a quick recap of my weekend, using just three words per picture.


Andrew is focused.

focus focus focus


Brothers and babies.

fun family day


Cousins’ first hangout.

cousins first hangout


Happy birthday, Margie!

happy birthday margie


You too, Daddy-o.

you too daddy-o


Hiked it again.

baldwin hills overlook


Strawberry french toast.

strawberry french toast


Stephanie is here!

friends and fountains


Bizarre fountain prop.

bizarre fountain prop


Best sushi ever.

best sushi ever


Sam’s not impressed.

sams new look



Question: How would you describe your weekend using just three words?

4 thoughts to “Three Words Per Picture”

    1. Oh my gosh, I bet! I grew up dancing and when I think back to all of the recitals my parents suffered through, I realize just how much they must have loved me, haha!

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