Ohhhh Monday

Oh, Monday morning. You found me. I had the best hiding spot, too, buried deep down in my comfortable cloud of a bed. I don’t think I moved once in my sleep last night. Good weekends will set you up for epic sleeps like that.

And it was a good weekend.


We have bloomage!  A month or so ago, I dropped a few sunflower seeds into a spare pot, gave them some water, and basically forgot about them.  Then about three weeks ago, the little seedlings sprouted with a vengeance. The sprouts needed to be repotted after just a few days, as they quickly outgrew their original container.  And just a few days ago, two of the “sprouts” (now full blown stalks) bloomed into beautiful sunflowers!


It’s no secret I love sunflowers, well all flowers for that matter.  It just amazes me that a tiny seed can turn into such a sturdy beast of a plant.  The two stalks that have bloomed are now taller than both Andrew and I.  (Prayers go out to our “special” third stalk.  Chances are slim that he’ll make it all the way to blooming, but never say never!)

Now for a weekend recap:



After an exhausting week, Andrew and I decided to keep Friday night low key. We walked over to Pitfire Pizza, where we shared their always-amazing Burrata Pie (below) and their seasonal Signs of Spring pizza (which was just okay).


We’ll sometimes share a bottle of wine when we go out (especially on a Friday or Saturday), but being tired as we already were, and me knowing I had a personal training session the next morning, we went with two glasses of white instead.  I must be getting old, because I’ve started to prioritize feeling good on Saturday morning over having a wild and crazy time on Friday night.

After dinner, we walked home and watched the Lego Movie, which was pretty great.  Aesthetically pleasing to the eye, good lessons for kids, and top notch voice acting from the entire cast.  The music could have been better (missed opportunity), but I would still recommend the movie.


Saturday morning, I woke up feeling refreshed after an award-winning 10 hours of sleep.  After coffee and some fruit, Andrew and I made our way to LA Fitness for a workout, followed by some errands around town.  Our last stop was at Rainbow Acres for smoothies (Sambazon Acai Berry smoothies, to be exact) and some beer/wine/snacks to take to a BBQ later that afternoon.  Saturday morning post-gym smoothies have become quite a ritual for Andrew and I.  One of these days, I’ll even branch out and try something new!


Saturday afternoon, we biked to a friend’s house to watch some World Cup soccer.  We had slightly loftier goals for Saturday night considering our mellow Friday, but alas, laziness got the best of us.  We cooked up a batch of brown rice, and started sauteeing some random veggies, when we realized that if we just added some GF soy sauce, we’d have fried rice.  Welcome to the monthly rotation, fried rice, it’s great to have you.


A belated Happy Fathers’ Day to all the fathers out there! Unfortunately, I didn’t get to spend the day with my dad, as he lives in Northern California, but I will be seeing him in just a few weeks when Andrew and I fly up for the Blue Jays v. A’s game.

I’m lucky to be just a one hour flight (or a seven hour drive) from my family, but sometimes that feels like the most frustrating distance because it’s “so close” that I should be able to see everyone more often but “too far” to really do so.


Al wanted to make sure Andrew felt loved on (cat) Fathers’ Day, so he camped out right on top of his backpack.  Such a sweetie, that one.

While Andrew called his dad to wish him a happy fathers’ day, I made some mini french toast baguettes with sauteed bananas, sunbutter, and granola for breakfast.  Fueled by mini french toasties, we hit the farmers’ market for ALL THE FRUIT.


Seriously, stone fruits are having a moment right now. Last week I ate some of the juiciest, sweetest, not-at-all tart peaches and nectarines that I’ve ever had.  Pluots are doing great, too, but it’s still early in the season for them.  But holy cow. The donut peaches, white peaches, and white nectarines are insane. Whatever you’re doing with the stone fruit growing conditions right now, California, keep it up!


Yesterday was also our first week participating in “Community Seafood“, a subscription program that provides local, fresh, and sustainably caught seafood on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. It’s basically a CSA service for seafood.

When you set up your profile, you determine  how much fish you want to receive each week (we chose our usual half pound).  Then you can add  any restrictions that you want like no shellfish, etc.  Just as with CSA boxes, you don’t know what produce you’ll be getting until it arrives, you don’t know what kind of fish you’re getting until you pick it up.

Yesterday’s catch was halibut, and I must say, it was a FRESH piece of fish.  My dad warned us that halibut is easy to dry out on the grill, so we baked ours in the oven for about 12 minutes. Oh, and we wrapped it in prosciutto, just for good measure.  Served with sauteed zucchini spears, it was a fresh, summery, Sunday dinner.


Things I like about the program, so far:

1. It’s an easy way to ensure that the fish we’re eating is local, wild-caught, and sustainable.

2. It’s very reasonable. Each half pound of fish comes out to about $12, which is less than what we’d spend on fish at the farmers’ market.  (Depending on the type of fish we get each time in our box, some weeks will inevitably be a better deal than others.)

3. It will force us to break out of our salmon rut.  I love salmon, but I bet I could love some other fish, too.  Let’s just say, there are plenty of delicious fish in the sea…



And now, here we are. Note my crazy face, as I checked in on our two larger than life sunflowers before leaving for work this morning.  The one on the left looks like it’s about to explode from being so healthy, and the other is just plain perfect.


Have a great week!