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Weekend Eats & Activities

Hello friends.

How was the weekend? Did anyone else in LA feel the earthquake Sunday morning? The 3.9 hit around 4am and I definitely felt it. I’d be lying if I said earthquakes didn’t make me nervous, but luckily it was the only thing that was stressful about the weekend.


Weekend eats and activities…

Saturday’s workout was a daylong biking adventure. I was under the impression that the new Bulletproof Coffee shop on Main St. in Santa Monica had officially opened last Thursday, but I was (for the second time) mistaken.

bulletproof coffee shop santa monica

The shop is there, and they’ve had an opening party, but it’s not open to the public yet. Still “coming soon…”


After grabbing coffee elsewhere, we continued on our way to Santa Monica Seafood to pick up fish for dinner. It was right around lunchtime so we decided to stay a while and order some oysters. In addition to an oyster bar, SM Seafood has a whole roped off  section for dining in, complete with a full bar.

oysters at Santa Monica Seafood

A dozen oysters, 2 crab cakes and a couple glasses of wine later, we were back on our bikes with some fresh rock cod in tow that turned out to be delicious, pan-seared for dinner.


Sunday morning, we were up early because I had to take Andrew to the airport for a work trip. I spent the rest of the day grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s, working out at the gym, going to the farmers market in search of peaches…

peaches at the mar vista farmers market

Peaches are here! They’re tiny and still a little tart, but they’re here.


I tried to spend some quality time with the Kevins, but they were having a cat fight, so I just let them work it out.

kevin fight

Just kidding. They love each other and were licking each other’s faces about 2 minutes after this photo was taken. I just think it’s funny how mad Al looks here.


Somehow, the random assortment of items I threw together for dinner turned out really well. I called it Quiche over Caesar Salad Greens with Carrots because that’s exactly what it was.

healthy sunday dinner

And now it’s Monday, again. That keeps happening!

Have a great week, everyone.



Question: What was the highlight of your weekend?

venice beach

Birthdays By The Beach

Good morning friends,

I’m not loving the fact that the weekend is over; it was a good one. We celebrated Andrew’s birthday with a beautiful beach bike ride, delicious sushi at Sugar Fish, and some fun treats from Sinners & Saints Bakery.



saints and sinners bakery



Go Big or Go Pro

Last weekend, while I was taking a primal yoga class in Santa Monica, Andrew biked up the coast toward Malibu and GoPro’d his ride. It’s actually pretty fun to watch a bike ride time-lapse so this weekend, we decided to film our favorite ride, which starts in Mar Vista and ends in Manhattan Beach.

It’s a 20 mile ride (10 miles each way) that takes us a little under two hours, but sped up as a time-lapse, it’s only about 4 minutes. And it’s basically ALL beach. Here’s a look at this weekend’s ride…



Enough about me, how was YOUR weekend?