frosted sprinkle cake #WIAW

Happy Birthday To My Blog & WIAW #49

You guys!

Yesterday, June 16th, marked my blog’s one year anniversary. I can’t believe I missed my blog’s first birthday! I’m a terrible blog mom… err blom.

If you’re in the market for a laugh, check out my very first blog post here. I’m pleased to say the picture quality on this blog has come a long way in the past year. I seem to be eating all of the exact same things as I was a year ago, but at least you can see them more clearly now.


What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday 6/16/15

9:00am – Bulletproof coffee

bulletproof coffee #WIAW


11:00am – Overnight Oats

overnight oats #WIAW


1:30pm – Fried egg + crumbled bacon salad with avocado

fried egg salad with bacon and avocado #WIAW


4:00pm – Peach!

peach #WIAW


7:00pm – A glass of wine while catching up with our neighbor, Sandy. We also snacked on some chips and salsa that became the bulk of our dinner…

wine and chips #WIAW


8:30pm – Summer farro salad

summer farro salad #WIAW

Last Sunday at the farmers’ market, Andrew and I saw that these tiny tomatoes had made their seasonal debut, so we bought a bunch. One thing led to another and… summer farro salad happened.


Later… Andrew and I split a chocolate kinder egg while watching TV, and the Kevins got a kick out of the toy inside. It was actually pretty cool; it was a flower berrette.

Kevin and Kevin

And  here’s some real time cat action for you:


Happy Wednesday, everyone! And as always, you can check out what other bloggers are eating here or here.



Question: What was the best thing you ate yesterday?


These old blog posts are too funny. Here is day two, the photos are horrendous but I basically ate the same food as yesterday.


Friday Favorites #20: Blogging, Rest Days, & Broad City

I don’t know if you guys heard, but it’s FRIDAY! Best day of the week, hands down. Is it terrible that the thing I’m most excited about doing this weekend is sleeping in? Can’t wait for that.


Friday #Favorites

…You know, that post where I highlight some of the surprising, feel-good, funny, interesting, unusual, or otherwise noteworthy things I’ve come across throughout the week that I think deserve a second look. Please feel free to add to my list with your own favorites in the comments below!



A year ago, I would have never expected to one day call blogging one of my favorite things, but over the course of the past 10 months, I’ve grown pretty attached to this thing. Writing, hosting, and running a blog has taught me a lot and given me an outlet that I didn’t have before. I encourage all of my friends who have even the tiniest desire to start a blog to GO FOR IT. (The hardest part is coming up with the name, seriously.)


blog life


Now that I’m getting ready to rejoin the working world, I know that I’m going to need to find a new balance between working and blogging. I’m not too, too worried about that though, as I managed to blog daily back when I was working a standard nine to five in the entertainment industry. Can you believe I’ve never missed a day (with the exception of holidays and intentional vacations) of blogging in 10 months?


Rest Days

The graceful spill I took while running on Wednesday morning may have had something to do with it, but by Wednesday evening my body was sending me strong signals to take a rest day. So yesterday, I took it gloriously easy all day, with my feet up and my fuzzy socks on.


rest day #fridayfavorites


I actually considered calling an Uber to take me to LA Fitness just so I could hang out in the hot tub. I didn’t do it, but I thought about it for several minutes.


Broad City

I’ve been meaning to include Broad City in my Friday Favorites for a long time. It is soo funny. Broad City gives girl comedy a good name, and doesn’t shy away from raunchy humor, awkward humor, or any type of humor that usually only male comedians can “get away with”. The show airs on Comedy Central, but all of the episodes from the first two seasons are on Hulu+.


Broad City #fridayfavorites



Links from around the web:

Floral Felt Cat Bed [Etsy] Kevin needs this.

John Stamos is on board for the Full House spinoff, Fuller House [USA Today] Yes!

Thrilling GoPro Footage Shows What It’s Really Like To Work an Office Job [Mashable] Hah! And here I am thinking GoPros are just for cats and bike rides. I think Andrew should try this.

The Right Dose of Exercise for  Longer Life [NY Times] This article tries to debunk the myth that too much exercise is worse than not enough exercise.

Equinox Gym is Launching a Line of Healthy Hotels [Shape] My dream vacation.

Cranberry Protein Bars [Mind Body Green] Thinking about making these without the coconut.

And because it’s on point:



Happy Friday, everyone. Have a wonderful weekend!



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