frosted sprinkle cake #WIAW

Happy Birthday To My Blog & WIAW #49

You guys!

Yesterday, June 16th, marked my blog’s one year anniversary. I can’t believe I missed my blog’s first birthday! I’m a terrible blog mom… err blom.

If you’re in the market for a laugh, check out my very first blog post here. I’m pleased to say the picture quality on this blog has come a long way in the past year. I seem to be eating all of the exact same things as I was a year ago, but at least you can see them more clearly now.


What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday 6/16/15

9:00am – Bulletproof coffee

bulletproof coffee #WIAW


11:00am – Overnight Oats

overnight oats #WIAW


1:30pm – Fried egg + crumbled bacon salad with avocado

fried egg salad with bacon and avocado #WIAW


4:00pm – Peach!

peach #WIAW


7:00pm – A glass of wine while catching up with our neighbor, Sandy. We also snacked on some chips and salsa that became the bulk of our dinner…

wine and chips #WIAW


8:30pm – Summer farro salad

summer farro salad #WIAW

Last Sunday at the farmers’ market, Andrew and I saw that these tiny tomatoes had made their seasonal debut, so we bought a bunch. One thing led to another and… summer farro salad happened.


Later… Andrew and I split a chocolate kinder egg while watching TV, and the Kevins got a kick out of the toy inside. It was actually pretty cool; it was a flower berrette.

Kevin and Kevin

And  here’s some real time cat action for you:


Happy Wednesday, everyone! And as always, you can check out what other bloggers are eating here or here.



Question: What was the best thing you ate yesterday?


These old blog posts are too funny. Here is day two, the photos are horrendous but I basically ate the same food as yesterday.

What I Ate Wednesday: Summer Standards

What I Ate Wednesday #46: Summer Standards

Good morning, Internet friends.

We’re already halfway through the week, and I hope things are moving as quickly for you as they are for me. My days are all thrown off after the long weekend, and I didn’t even have Monday off. I nearly forgot to document my meals yesterday. Luckily, I’ve gotten into the questionable habit of photo-documenting most of my meals these days so my camera (phone) is never far from reach.

Yesterday was pretty standard for me: wake up, blog, clean the house, eat, do laundry, workout, eat, shower, eat, and so on. Keep reading if you care to hear me elaborate on the “eating” portions of the day.


What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday 5/26/15

8:30am – Regular coffee with almond milk and stevia. I’m patiently waiting for a new bag of bulletproof coffee beans that are scheduled to arrive tomorrow!

coffee #WIAW


10am – I snacked on some leftover chocolate chip banana pancakes from the weekend while going through emails.

leftover pancakes #WIAW


12:30pm – I needed to make tuna for lunch because… to make a long story short: A couch repair man came yesterday, but for whatever reason wasn’t supposed to know we had cats, so the Kevins were tucked away in our bedroom for half an hour, but once the coast was clear, Al decided to be a brat and scrunch himself as far under our bed as possible, so to lure him out I had to make tuna. The end.

tuna sushi platter #WIAW

I put together a tuna wrap sushi platter. Seaweed wrappers for wrapping tuna and avocado, soy sauce for dipping (although after one dip I realized it was not a good match), and pickles because tuna.

seaweed tuna wrap #WIAW


After lunch, I wanted something sweet so I had a handful of cherries.

cherries #WIAW


5:00pm – Andrew kindly let me know that it was fruit o’clock, so I went and sliced up a white peach and a flavorella plumcot. Both were really good, but the peach was the winner.

peach and plumcot #WIAW


A little bit of pre-dinner wine…

wine #WIAW

Andrew and I were so excited about last night’s premier episode of Extreme Weight Loss with Chris Powell, that we ate dinner in front of the TV while watching. Dinner was leftover broccoli and kale bipimbap with roasted green beans.

Bipimbap #WIAW

roasted green beans #WIAW


And a frog cookie for dessert.

frog sugar cookie #WIAW


Question: Did you eat any food yesterday? I hope the answer is yes!


Per usual, you can see what others are eating today over on Jenn’s blog. Happy eating!