Still Alive, Thanks For Asking

Hi there!

I guess I’m kind of all or nothing. I either blog every day for a year, or I don’t blog at all for 2 months. Hakuna Matata.

It’s interesting to see what people have been reading while I’ve been away. Stitch Fix Reviews are always popular, and it seems like some of you guys like workoutsrecipes, and/or cats. That works for me!

Because it’s weird to take 2 months off and not explain it, here’s what I’ve been up to: Andrew and I moved to Campbell from LA, it’s nice. We both started new jobs, they’re great. The Kevins are still here.


…But enough about me. What have you been up to? Good summer? Good vacation? Good hike, meal, yoga class?


Speaking of yoga and brilliant segues!


One of the things that reminded me I had this thing called a blog after 2 months in the first place was finding a great yoga series on YouTube and wanting to share it with you. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been doing a 30 Days of Yoga series on the Yoga with Adriene channel. Oya, and this is not a sponsored post, I’ve just really liked the series so far.

Two thumbs up from me. Adriene is laid back and likable. She’s specifically awesome as an online yoga instructor. Each day’s video lesson is between 15 and 30 minutes long, so some days I’ll do two videos, some days I’ll just do one. I think I did three last Sunday. Yoga feels great after a move.

My current yoga level is tight-muscled beginner at best, but I think Adriene’s videos would be satisfying for a more advanced yogi, too.


Yoga and running have been my focus on the workout front lately, so what’s been happening on the food front?


Andrew and I tried Blue Apron. It probably won’t become a super regular thing for us, but we both liked it and agreed we’d be down to do it once a month or so. We already like to cook and enjoy coming up with meal plans each week, but if you’re someone who doesn’t want to have to think, Blue Apron would be a great way to maintain a good rotation of healthy, satisfying dinners.

We received two deliveries, for a total of 6 meals. Even the recipes that weren’t our favorites (shrimp and grits) were still successful meals. The seared pork chops (below) were one of our favorites. The three cup chicken was also good.

blue apron seared cod


Campbell has a happening Farmers’ Market, and we’ve been attending weekly. Sadly, however, this has not been a great year for peaches. Has anyone else found this to be true? I have a hard time believing the mealy peach phenomenon is unique to Campbell. We did find a good meat guy, though.


And now a little something for the Stitch Fix reader segment. Take a peak at some killer wedding coordination between Andrew and I earlier this summer. Our first wedding attended as a married couple was super fun. You continually notice how much work went into the wedding you’re attending.

wedding ware


In other news, Andrew just handed me a cookie. A TJ’s Maple Leaf cookie. Whoop there it is.

091015 cookie

Cheers and Happy Friday!





Question: Andrew and I haven’t found a gym up here yet. Has anyone heard of Fitness Evolution? Is it seriously just $10/mo? Watch’s the catch?

Campbell, Here We Come!

Hello! How are you? It’s been a while.

Last we spoke, I was on my way up north (to the Bay Area) where Andrew and I were determined to find a new place to live in just a two-day window. I am relieved and excited to say that we found a great place! It was the very last residence that we saw (out of 8, I believe), and it was an instant winner.

house hunters

It’s in Campbell, California, which from what I gathered is an up and coming old-town-turned-new-hip-hotspot that is home to one of the best farmers markets in Silicon Valley.


“Best Farmers Market” is a pretty bold claim, especially in the eyes of someone who currently frequents what is, in my opinion, the best farmers market in all of LA. However! I actually did think it was pretty impressive.

campbell farmers market flowers

The fruit and vegetable selection was just about on par with our current Mar Vista market, minus a few varieties of pluots. The peaches were phenomenal, even the organic ones were huge and so, so flavorful. And we got a killer deal on a big bag of tiny brussels sprouts that we’ve been eating all week.

campbell farmers market peaches

There were bouquets of wild flowers that I had a hard time refraining from buying, despite the 6 hour drive we had ahead of us. And while we didn’t buy any hummus or mole during our market visit, we got several strong recommendations from locals to do so.

campbell farmers market flowers and veg

Leaving our beloved Mar Vista farmers market was going to be one of the hardest things about leaving LA for me, so I’m glad to know that we’ll be in good hands with our new Campbell farmers market.


I’m finding that a big move like this feels much less overwhelming when you know you’re going to have a place to live! It’s also fun now that Andrew and I get to start imagining our new setup: which of our things will go where, what we’re envisioning for the ***backyard***, etc.

campbell vta

We still need to find a gym up there, but one area perk I’m pretty excited about is a local running/biking trail that spans the entire city, and winds around a reservoir or two. That path will essentially be our fitness backup plan in the event that we (for some crazy reason) can’t find a serviceable gym in the area.


So that’s my life update. Now I better get back to packing. I think I’m on box #19 of an estimated 300,000… 🙂



Question: When’s the last time you made a big move? What was the hardest part?