Did I Mention I Quit My Job: 8 Months Later

This post is a follow up to I Quit My Job Today, which was originally posted on September 26, 2014.


I am up bright and early this morning because it is my first day at the new job(!), so I’ll keep this one relatively brief. (UPDATE: I did a terrible job of keeping this post brief.) Yesterday was my last day working at Do It Now! Fitness, but it felt like the end of something bigger than that.


Do It Now Fitness Club


About 8 months ago, I quit my job at Fox where I had been working in Corporate Communications, and before that Distribution Sales, and before that Affiliate Marketing.

For some context, I had been working at Fox since I graduated from USC – technically before, since I spent two undergraduate summers as an intern there, as well. After graduating, I didn’t do any adventurous traveling; I was too eager to start working, which would allow me to financially support myself and therefore not have to move back in at home with my parents. (Nothing against my parents, that’s just not what a recent grad really wants to do.) I traded my cap and gown for a pencil skirt and cardigan, and settled into my new corporate life at Fox.

10715 work2

Memorable moments (like meeting Andrew and getting engaged, then married) aside, the next five years were a blur.

The breaking point that led to my leaving Fox came as I was feeling incredibly overworked and yet no longer challenged in my current role. I looked around (read: broke down crying at the Alibi Room <- great bar, though) and realized that I had spent the last 5+ years barreling down a corporate path that I hadn’t given much thought to beyond “I need a job and this job is willing to hire me”.

What’s crazy is that if my role in Corporate Communications hadn’t turned into such an unmanageable situation, I would have likely continued plugging along down that non-path for quite some time.

I actually feel lucky to have been pushed out the way I was. I got to experience what it’s like to quit your job (hallelujah the world doesn’t end), and I got an existential crisis out of the way that was probably a long time coming. I felt like I had rushed into my career path without much deliberation, so I basically spent the next 8 months trying to exhaust any and every other option I had ever wondered about.

I tried a work-from-home independent contractor SEO job that I found by googling “work from home job + don’t have to talk on the phone”; I wrote a rhyming children’s book that teaches the importance of eating whole, nutritious foods; I did some hilarious freelance writing projects to see how feasible it could be as a full-time gig (not very); I baked cookies, pound cakes, layer cakes, and jam bars, and submitted the recipes to online publications with moderate success; I created a jewelry line inspired by Andrew’s tools called “Toolery” and put it up on Etsy.

62515 toolery

I also blogged my little butt off! Sitting down to write something every day is a worthwhile exercise, but as much as I’ve enjoyed it and plan to continue doing it, I discovered early on that this site wasn’t going to replace full-time employment.

The endeavor that I pursued most whole-heartedly was a career in fitness. In the years since college, I’ve become a fitness enthusiast – I’ve tried every fad workout and stuck with a couple – so studying for a personal training certification during my time off made all sorts of sense. At the very least, I’d be armed with a wealth of knowledge to use on my own body, in my own workouts. And at best, I’d be a certified personal trainer with an awesome career, bragging about my non-cubicle work-life balance. I ended up somewhere in the middle.

Do It Now Fitness Club

I did get certified, and I even found a job fairly quickly, but surprisingly my new gig felt a little light on “work” and heavy on “life”. Believe me, sleeping in and working out for a living hasn’t been terrible, but it hasn’t been a perfect fit for me.

Unlike working in Corporate Communications where I barely had a minute to think about anything other than work, my job at Do It Now! allowed me ample time to figure out that while fitness will always be a passion of mine, it’s not where I belong full-time. I do think fitness would make a pretty great side gig or fall-back plan, though, should I ever decide to quit another job!


10715 quitter


I’m grateful for my time working at Do It Now! Fitness (and the free gym membership that came along with it), but even beyond that, I’m grateful to have had the last 8 months to freely pursue some of the passions that would otherwise still be sitting in the “What If” drawer in the back of my brain.

I’m going back to work today (in marketing, not corporate communications, mind you) not just willingly, but eagerly. I accepted this new position knowing fully well what I was getting myself into, as well as what my other options were.

Wish me luck! And (holy cow that was long) thank you for reading.




Baldwin Hills Stair Hike

Hello and good morning.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend that left you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and ready for the week ahead. Andrew and I had a fun weekend that started with some happy hour drinks at Oldfields on Friday night.

Happy Hour at Oldfields


Saturday started off slow, but ended up being a productive day. We spent a couple hours inside a magical camping store called Adventure 16 (Outdoor and Travel Outfitters) making some final purchases for an upcoming camping trip. The store was magical in how un-REI it was.

Adventure 16

It felt like being inside a giant log cabin, and had little camping displays set up, along the lines of ones you’d see in a natural history museum. There were signs around the store warning that they’d be closing early on Sunday because the whole staff was going camping. They’re really walkin’ the walk there, if you know what I mean.


I also baked a cake! My first cake, in fact. A double decker.

My first double decker cake

I’ll be sharing more on this cake at a later date, but the two most important things to know about it are: 1) it was a great-tasting lemon raspberry yogurt cake, and 2) it was a hilarious Pinterest fail from an aesthetics standpoint. More to come…


Baldwin Hills Stair Hike

The highlight of the weekend for me was discovering the Baldwin Hills stairs. They’ve been recommended to Andrew and I on several occasions, but we’ve never been able to figure out where they are until now. (They’re not difficult to find once you actually pull up google maps.)

Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook

Baldwin Hills has a pretty cool scenic overlook that you can access several ways. You can drive to the top, hike along a 1.25 mile zig zag dirt path, or you can take the stairs.

Baldwin Hills Stairs

A round trip stair climb is about 2/3 of a mile, and many people do several rounds. There’s a nice open spot at the top where you can check out the view or do some body weight exercises if you feel so inclined. Andrew and I took the stairs up and the dirt path down two full times.

View of the city from Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook

I’m glad we finally found the Baldwin Hills stairs. It’s certainly a popular spot; there were tons of people, but crowding wasn’t an issue on the stairs at all. There’s a gazebo that I know you can reserve near the overlook for ceremonies and events because I vaguely remember looking into it when we were planning our wedding a couple years ago.

Baldwin Hills gazebo spaace

One other nice thing about hiking Baldwin Hills is that there is a visitors’ center near the top (apparently it’s rarely open) with restrooms that are always unlocked. It’s a nice feature for those who drink a full cup of coffee right before starting the hike.

How was your weekend? What did you get up to? LA locals – have any of you ever done the Baldwin Hills stairs?