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Weekend Food, Fruit & Fitness

Good morning!

How was your weekend? I hope it was a good one. Over here, we spent the weekend relaxing, cleaning, working out, and eating. Pretty standard.


Friday night… was somewhat stormy in LA, so Andrew and I ordered Indian food to be delivered while watching Shark Tank.

Delivery Indian Food


Saturday… (late) morning, we made our way over to LA Fitness to workout while our memberships there are still active. Our post-gym brunch incorporated some Indian food leftovers. Fried eggs unsurprisingly go really well with garlic naan. And bacon goes well with everything.

Breakfast with Indian Food leftovers


Saturday night, we tried a new restaurant in Mar Vista, Status Kuo. Status Kuo calls itself a neighborhood rotisserie because it specializes in grilled meats but also offers several vegetarian options. We tried the fried  chicken and braised lamb bucatini, but also felt obligated to order the poutine because we hadn’t been able to find any mention (or pictures) of it on Status Kuo’s yelp page.


Status Kuo


My review: Status Kuo definitely delivers on the food front. The fried chicken was really good, and even though we were too full to eat much of the homemade pasta, what I did taste of it was delicious (and I’m looking forward to eating the rest of it tonight for dinner). The poutine was not bad… the fries were really good, and the cheese, while not authentic (cheese curds) was still good. Unfortunately, there were tons of mushrooms in the gravy, so that was a bummer for Andrew and I, but would probably be a plus for mushroom-lovers. The service at Status Kuo was on point; our waitress was super friendly, attentive, and knowledgeable. One important thing to note about Status Kuo is that they currently don’t have a liquor license, so no booze for now. But they’re working on that and hope to have one in the next 6 months. Check them out!


date night


Oh yeah, and that banana bread I mentioned in Friday’s post? It happened.

Banana bread

And was delicious with sunflower seed butter and crunchy cookie butter spread on top.


Sunday morning… Andrew and I woke up a little too excited for the farmers’ market. We had missed the past few weeks’ markets, and knew that peaches had started to come in. We had total Fruit FOMO, but more than made up for it by purchasing one (or more) of everything.


Pluots at the farmers market


Per usual, I learned some fun new fruit facts at the farmers’ market this weekend. This year’s cherry crop is going to have a very brief harvest period because of the recent rain and cold temperatures. The rain causes cherries to split open and sometimes fall onto the ground. Then, water has the potential to get inside the split cherries and grow mold. So if you’re a cherry fan, buy them now while you can!




Last night, we drove down to Irvine to have dinner with some friends who were visiting from out of town.


Irvine living


The community where they were staying had a nice BBQ that we utilized to grill a big batch of tandoori chicken. We also brought a strawberry salad, featuring fresh farmers’ market berries.


Strawberry salad


Andrew and I were saying that summer BBQ/potluck food is our favorite to make and to eat. I know it’s not even summer yet, but season is a state of mind.


And of course, we couldn’t go to bed without watching the Mad Men series finale. Did anyone else watch it? Were you guys satisfied with the ending? It definitely sparked a debate in our household. We both thought it was good, but not as great as some other major series finales of years past.

Have a great week!



Question: Do you regularly shop at a local farmers’ market? 


Weekend Snapshots + New Running Shoes

Good morning. How was the weekend? Happy Easter and Happy Passover to those who celebrated.


Bird of Paradise’s creepy cousin?

Our weekend was a nice mix of active, relaxing, and productive. Can’t complain about that.



Andrew had Friday off so we started the day with a workout, taking advantage of an empty weekday morning at LA Fitness. We rewarded ourselves with smoothies from Rainbow Acres on the way home. The usual: two sambazon acai smoothies, sub almond milk for apple juice, please.


rainbow acres sambazon smoothie


Friday night, a few friends came over for drinks and apps.




bacon wrapped dates
Bacon-wrapped dates stuffed with goat cheese (bake at 400 degrees for 5-10 mins each side)

A few hours in, Cards Against Humanity made an appearance, at which point things took a turn for the hilarious. We made a questionable addition to the rules so that the dealer of each round not only picked a “winner” of the cards that were played, he also picked a “drinker”, or a losing card whose owner got to take a tequila shot. If you dare to play this version, make sure you grab a round of waters for the table first. Good times.



Somehow despite the tequila, we managed to have an uber productive Saturday, running errands all over town. One of our errands was a trip to Sport Chalet so I could look for some new running shoes. I tried on all sorts of Nikes, New Balances, Asics, etc, but the clear winners were a pair of Merrells that happened to be on sale (apparently they still are, here). They fit perfectly and were very comfortable. (I love that Sport Chalet had a treadmill set up in the shoe department for shoe testing.)

As we were about to checkout, the woman at the cash register opened the box to check the shoes and noticed that the two shoes were not the same size. One was a 7.5 and one was an 8, and store policy didn’t allow them to sell us mismatched shoes. I was super bummed because the shoes had fit so well and were on sale.


new merrels


We went back to the shoe department, explained the situation to an associate and waited while he looked for the other mismatched pair so I could re-try them both on. When he returned several minutes later, he had great news. The other mismatched pair must have been sold already, so if we were willing to take this pair on final sale, he’d give us an extra 20% off. Win!


new and old shoes

[On the left: New Balance WR00CR (similar on sale). On the right: Merrell All Out Fuse Trail Runners]

And so that is the super long origin story of my new running shoes. Phew!


Saturday night, we walked to dinner at our favorite spot, Centanni. For some bizarre reason, the restaurant was empty. With the exception of two other tables, we were the only people there. And by the end of our meal, we really were the only ones. Andrew practically yelled our chocolate lava cake order back into the kitchen himself.





Sunday morning, we had a nice Easter Brunch at Rockenwagner before running a few last errands in Santa Monica.


rockenwagner latte


We dined on leftovers and relaxed while watching the first of the final episodes of Mad Men. I’m already starting to miss the show and it’s not even over yet.



Here we are again, Monday morning, trying to get back into the weekday swing of things. Prepping for my CPT exam is at the top of my priority list today, just as soon as I test out my new kicks. 🙂


40615 kicks


Have a good week, everyone.


Question: Do you have a go-to brand of running shoes?